Checked baggage

Number of items you can check in and the permitted weight/dimensions. Add another bag or special baggage. Check in your bag to the final destination on flights with stopovers and find out when you can take it to the airport.

How many items/kilos of luggage can I check in?

The number of items you can take for free will depend on your ticket fare. If you don't want to pay an excess baggage fee, make sure you comply with the size and weight limitations:

  • No bag should exceed 158 cm in length, including the handle, pocket and wheels.

  • The maximum weight is 23 kg but you can check in up to 32 kg by paying a surcharge per kilo of excess weight or by paying for a 32 kg bag.

Any item that exceeds your free checked baggage allowance is treated as excess baggage. Both the price of the additional item (15 kg, 23 kg or 32 kg bag as required) and the cost per kilo of excess weight (from 23 to 32 Kg) are fixed amounts based on the destination (short, medium or long-haul).

Check your free checked baggage allowance and the prices for additional items and excess weight on our Checked baggage allowance page.

Once you've added an extra item, you can'tcancel it or get a refund.

If you can't add an extra item online, you can pay the excess baggage surcharge at the check-in desk at the airport. However, this depends on:

  • The departure airport.

  • Whether your trip (or part of it) is operated by a different airline.

If you are travelling with excess baggage, you should arrive at the airport at least 20 minutes before the recommended time.
We do not currently offer the option of paying for extra bags or excess weight with Avios.

How can I check in more baggage than my fare allows?

At Iberia, we only want you to pay for what you need. If you have purchased a fare that does not include baggage or you need to bring more suitcases, you can choose and combine the different possibilities on offer: 15 kg for the essentials; 23 kg, the standard weight (this option is the only option available in Peru and Ecuador) and 32 kg, the maximum allowed.

You can buy it before you fly:

  • When purchasing your ticket
    Select your destination, fare and flights.
    Fill in the passenger details and continue to the next page, "Personalise your trip by adding extras".
    Select the "Add extra baggage" option.
    A side drop-down menu will open showing the different luggage weight options for each passenger and flight on the selected booking.
    You can add additional baggage for one, several or all passengers on the booking, and even select a different type of luggage for each passenger. And you can choose one of these options for the outward journey, and a different one for the return leg, provided your booking is operated by the Iberia Group.
    The price will appear at the bottom of the screen.
    When you have selected all the additional baggage, click "Accept" and continue with your ticket purchase.

  • Via Manage your booking
    Once you have bought your ticket, go to Manage your booking entering your details, choosing "Customise your flight" from the left-hand menu and the "Add extra baggage" option will appear.
    Accept to continue the process in the same way as indicated above.

  • When checking in online
    Go to Online check-in with your details to hand and once you accept the restrictions on dangerous goods carried in baggage, you will be shown the "Customise your flight" page with the "Add extra baggage" option.
    Accept to continue the process in the same way as indicated in point 1.

  • At the airport
    Please arrive at the airport check-in counters with enough time.
    You can purchase additional baggage for codeshare flights provided that the first flight on your trip is operated by Iberia.
    If you have a connecting flight, you can purchase additional luggage for codeshare flights provided that the first flight is operated by Iberia.
    Remember that this option does not include the purchase of luggage weighing 15 kg and that the prices are higher.

Remember that once you have purchased additional luggage, you cannot request a cancellation or refund and you cannot use your Avios for payment.

You can check in a maximum of 9 items per passenger, including those included in your ticket's free allowance, except on routes subject to particular restrictions.
Check your free checked baggage allowance and the prices for additional items and excess weight on our Checked baggage allowance page.

Are there any restrictions on the food and/or drink I can take on board or in my checked baggage?

Most countries have restrictions on the type and quantity of liquid you can take in your hand luggage. This includes gels, creams, pastes and liquid food like jam and jelly. Solid food is permitted on board, although the destination country may ban the entry of certain types of food. Please keep in mind the liquid restrictions for hand luggage.

You can put food and drink in your checked baggage provided they are suitably packed in unbreakable containers to prevent accidents (perishable and fragile items and bottles travel at your own risk). The airport staff may refuse transport if they consider that an item has not been suitably packed.

Animal products (meat, milk and by-products) may contain pathogens that transmit contagious diseases. The European Union and other countries therefore impose strict controls and procedures on taking these food products into another country. Before you travel, check with the relevant customs department whether the food you want to take is permitted.

How do I transport my sports equipment?

If you are travelling with sports equipment (bicycle, skis, surfboard, golf clubs, etc.), you can find out about the transport conditions in the Special Equipment section.

Add and pay for this service when you book your ticket, through Manage your booking or when you check in online.

How can I send a package or any other type of goods?

To transport or ship packages, fragile and/or perishable goods, animals, personal effects and human remains to both national and international destinations, contact IAGCargo.

What does free baggage allowance mean?

The baggage allowance refers to the maximum weight or number of bags you can take for free. It varies according to the fare class, origin and destination.

If you take more than your allowance, you will have to pay an excess baggage fee.

If your ticket states:

  • Free baggage allowance: 0PC (zero pieces), it means that your fare does not include free baggage in the hold.

  • Free baggage allowance: 1PC, it means that your fare includes one free piece of luggage in the hold.

Remember, if you are taking a connecting flight with another airline, you will need to check what you are allowed to take on that flight because it may not be the same as your allowance with Iberia. Each airline in the oneworld Alliance has its own policy regarding weight. For more information see Checked baggage.

Checking in baggage on connecting flights

Transfer baggage refers to checked baggage carried on two or more connecting flights and that has to be moved from one plane to another.
You can check in baggage for connecting flights provided that all your flights have the same record locator or booking reference. In most cases, your baggage will be tagged to go straight to your final destination (you can check this on the baggage tag receipt you get when you check it in), but you will have to collect it and check it in again for your connecting flight if:

  • The flights are in separate bookings.

  • You are transferring from an Iberia flight to a domestic flight in a country where the local authority requires you to collect your baggage and go through customs (e.g. in the United States or Mexico).

  • You arrive at one airport in the destination city and your connecting flight leaves from another airport in the city.

  • Your connecting flights are not on the same day and the total transfer time exceeds 12 hours.

  • Part of the journey is by bus or train.

You should enquire at the departure airport where you will need to pick up your baggage.

Check all the information on our connections page at Madrid airport or at other international airports.


How far in advance can I check in luggage at the airport?

At Madrid airport you can check in your luggage 24 hours before the departure of your flight.

At all other airports in the Iberia network, check-in for luggage opens as follows:

  • Long-haul flights: 4 hours before the scheduled time of departure.

  • Short and medium-haul flights: 2 hours before the scheduled time of departure.

Suggestions for your checked baggage

Here are some suggestions on packing and what to do if an incident occurs when you reach your destination.

Check in your baggage from home: Bob

The Bob service picks up your bag from anywhere in the city and checks it in for you. You just collect it at the destination airport. Discover Bag on board.

What items are considered dangerous?

For security reasons, the nature of certain items means that you cannot take them as hand luggage, and in some cases you cannot check them into the hold either.
Check the list of Dangerous goods before you travel.

What is the procedure for baggage with a declared value?

If you want to make a special value declaration for the luggage you are going to check in, we recommend that you get to the airport in good time. Depending on the destination, there will be a maximum value per kilo of luggage up to a specified limit.

You will be charged 5 per 1000 of the declared value and will receive an excess baggage ticket.
If you are taking a connecting flight with another airline, luggage with a declared value will only be accepted if the other airline is in agreement.

If I'm travelling on a flight with an Iberia code operated by Vueling, how many pieces/kilos of luggage can I check in?

If you connect a flight with an Iberia code operated by Vueling with an Iberia or Iberia Regional flight, Iberia's conditions of carriage apply to both the free baggage allowance and excess baggage to your final destination. If you are travelling on a flight with an Iberia code operated by Vueling and/or are in transit between flights with an Iberia code operated by Vueling, your free baggage allowance is 1 x 23 kg bag.
Each extra kilo, up to a maximum of 32 kg, will be treated as excess baggage and charged accordingly. For more information, please check the Iberia free baggage allowance.

Can I take flowers or plants onto the plane?

Plants, flowers, seeds and other products of plant origin are permitted on board as part of your baggage (in the cabin or in the hold) provided they comply with our size/weight conditions and do not violate any agricultural restrictions in the destination country.
Certain countries may ban or regulate the entry of these products, either because they could be carriers of disease or because they are classified as protected species.
We advise you to contact the embassy of the destination country. As a member of the European Union, Spain follows the European legislation in customs matters.

Can I take my work tools with me?

Tools (hammers, drills, saws and circular saws, etc.) are only permitted as cargo.
To make a booking or enquire about prices and the procedure to follow, contact IAGCargo.

Transport of weapons

Firearms, whether for hunting or sport, are dangerous goods and must always be checked into the hold.
You can find more details about the transport of firearms on our Special baggage page.