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Hand baggage

These are pieces of baggage that you can carry with you in the aircraft cabin.


We recommend that you check in your cabin bag, free of charge, and only board the plane with a small bag or briefcase.

You can take one carry-on bag and one personal item.

Because of limited capacity in the aircraft cabin, exceptionally on busy flights some carry-on baggage may be removed and stored in the hold at no extra cost. If your carry-on baggage is larger than standard it will be placed in the hold and you may have to pay an additional charge.

The Iberia Regional Air Nostrum aircrafts are smaller so there may be some limitations as to what you can take with you in the cabin. In this case, your luggage would be placed in the luggage hold and be available for collection upon arrival.

Iberia Group Flights (Iberia, Iberia Express and Iberia Regional Air Nostrum)

  Economy/ Premium Economy1 cabin bag +
1 personal accessory
Maximum weight 10 kilos
  Business Class - Short / Medium Haul*  1 cabin bag +
1 personal accessory
Maximum weight 14 kilos
  Business Plus Long Haul2 cabin bags +
1 personal accessory
Maximum weight 14 kilo

(*) Business customers with a connecting long-haul Iberia flight can take 2 cabin bags.

Location of hand baggage on board

Remember, the small personal bag you take on board must be no larger than 40x30x15cm and it must fit under the seat in front of you.

You will need to place your additional item of cabin bag (56 x 40 x 25cm) in the overhead compartment.

If there is not enough room on board, this item will be removed and placed in the aircraft hold.

 Location of hand baggage on board
Illustration of the maximum permitted size of carry-on baggage
Cabin bag
  • Maximum size: 56 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm .

  • .Maximum weight in Economy 10 Kilos and in Business 14 kilos.

  • Handle, pocket compartments and wheels included in the dimensions.

  • Baggage that exceeds these measurements must be checked-in

  • These pieces should fit in the size-check device located at the airports and you must be able to lift them into the overhead locker by yourself.

  • There are some exceptions.

Personal accessory: 40cm x 30cm x 15cm
Personal accessory
  • Maximum size: 40cm x 30cm x 15cm

  • One personal accessory in addition to your cabin bag.

  • This accessory may be one briefcase, handbag, small portfolio or laptop.

  • If you are travelling with a baby, you can also take a bag for their food, drink and items required for the flight.

Electronic items icon

Electronic items

You can keep your PC, PDA, portable music player and mobile phone turned on throughout the flight (airplane mode).

See devices

Liquids icon

Regulations concerning liquids

Amounts in 100 ml. bottles inside a clear plastic bag with an adhesive closure or zip and a maximum capacity of 1 litre are allowed.

See Items

Prohibited icon

Prohibited items

Those that are dangerous due to their chemical make-up such as explosives and toxic or radioactive substances. And, because of their shape, steel weapons and firearms, and tools with sharp edges, etc.

See items

Exceptional cases

Air Nostrum flights

IB8XXX flights operated by Air Nostrum: The cabin bag allowance is 8 kg and the maximum dimensions are 45x35x20cm. If you bag is overweight or exceeds the maximum size permitted, it will be removed when you board the plane and returned to you when you disembark at the destination airport.

Flights with other companies

IB5XXX flights operated by Vueling: You can take 1 piece on board if it does not weigh more than 10 kg and is under 55x40x20 cm.

You can also carry on one additional item of significantly smaller size, such as a small briefcase, handbag or camera.

These pieces should fit in the size-check device located at the airports.

At the boarding gate, any carry-on baggage (or accessories) that does not comply with these rules, that is, that exceeds the amount and/or measurements shown above, will be removed and stowed in the aircraft hold at an additional cost  per case each way.

IB5000 passengers who have not checked in any luggage but whose hand luggage has to be withdrawn at the boarding gate, are exempt from this charge.

This measure applies to all IB5000 passengers who have previously checked-in the hold baggage item they are entitled to as excess allowance. If the IB5000 passenger has no checked-in baggage, the hand baggage that must be removed at the boarding gate will be exempt from the €35 surcharge.

You cannot check your baggage allowance if you are travelling on flights IB7XXX, IB4XXX or any other flights operated by an airline other than Iberia or Iberia Regional Air Nostrum.

Flights from London

Bags and other items exceeding 190 cm in length are not permitted.

Cash payments are not accepted at Heathrow airport.

Animals are not permitted in the cabin (PETC) on flights to London, or in the hold (AVIH) on flights to/from London. However, they are permitted to travel as cargo.

Flights to/from the USA

The US authorities report that, due to security restrictions, all passengers travelling from the USA can only carry one piece of carry-on baggage and 1 other personal item on their outbound flight.


And remember

  • Maximum item size 56x40x25 cm.
  • Maximu weight in Economy Class 10 Kilos and in Business 14 kilos.
  • If your baggage exceeds this, it must be checked in.
  • 1 litre maximum on bottled liquids.
  • You may connect your electronic devices.
  • Do not carry dangerous objects with you.

See how this applies on flights operated by

  • British Airways
  • American Airlines
  • Finnair

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