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All the leisure options to enjoy on long-haul flights

Choose your entertainment


Take off into a world of entertainment on board your Iberia flight! This month of June, immerse yourself in the sci-fi world of the epic adventure Dune: Part Two and discover the life of one of the world's most legendary musicians in Bob Marley: One Love. Celebrate Pride with our special category, including the latest releases All of Us Strangers and Strange Way of Life. Explore our fantastic choice of TV, including all-time favourites The Simpsons and How I Met Your Mother, along with Disney+ treats such as Welcome to Earth with Will Smith and Scarlet Witch and Vision S1. With 1700 options, your flight just got a lot more entertaining!

Choose what you want to watch

You can manage the content on your screen through a simple, intuitive menu. Choose from the latest film releases and a wide variety of music with the highest digital quality.

On our New-Generation A350s you can also enjoy entertainment on our new, larger 4k touch screens, where you can connect your own wireless headphones via Bluetooth.

This video shows you how to connect them in four easy steps:

Parental Controls

The entertainment system on our New-Generation A350 has parental controls, so you can select the films, series, games or any other content that you want the little ones to access.

This video shows you how to activate it:



You can choose from a selection of video games on your individual screen for an even more entertaining flight. You'll find popular ones such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Bejeweled, Solitaire, Poker and children’s games. Plus, you can play Battleship, Noughts-and-Crosses and chess against your companion using the multiplayer mode.

Digital press

During your flight, you'll be able to access thousands of international newspapers and magazines from more than 150 countries and in more than 60 languages.