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How do I subscribe to the e-Newsletters or update my personal details and preferences?

You can sign up through the banners or newsletter modules that you will find on pages with offers or news, or other pages that you see as you browse iberia.com.

Avoid unwanted subscriptions in just two steps:

  • Fill in a short form with some mandatory details (name and email address) and we will send you an email instantly with the deadline to confirm your subscription. If you don’t do it before that date, the subscription process won’t be completed and your request will be automatically deleted.

  • Click on Confirm Subscription and we will take you to a page where you can enter your preferences and complete the process.

From that moment you will receive information on offers, promotions and news about Iberia Group and its partners, and you will benefit from being a customer of Iberia.
And if you tell us which city you fly from and your favourite destinations, we can tailor our suggestions to suit your preferences.

You can update your details or change your preferences from the latest newsletter you received or by filling in the following form, stating the type of request: “Opposition/Restriction” and the Reason: "Newsletters".

You can sign up again at any time or enter your email address in the newsletter modules, and you will receive an email asking whether you want to cancel your subscription or manage your preferences. You just need to click on the option you want.

I don't want to receive commercial emails

If you are an Iberia Plus customer, you can log in to your personal area >“ My profile”> Subscriptions, and specify the communications that you don’t want to receive.

If we send you iberia.com’s newsletter with offers, you can unsubscribe from the last newsletter you received, by clicking on Manage Preferences, or at any time from the iberia.com newsletter modules, by signing up again, entering your email address again, and you will receive an email asking you whether you want to manage your preferences or cancel your subscription. Click on the option you want and you will complete the unsubscription process. Alternatively, you can fill in this form, stating the Type of Request: “Opposition/Restriction” and the Reason: “Newsletters”- Your subscription will be cancelled within one month.