Iberia at Madrid airport

Find out how to get to T4 and T4S at Madrid airport, the terminals where Iberia flights operate, and discover all the services we offer.

How do I get to the terminals at Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez airport (T4 and T4S)?

There are several options for getting to Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport depending on whether you use public or private transport.
If you decide to use public transport, you can choose between bus, train or metro (Line 8). If you decide on private transport, you can use the M-12 toll road or the M-14 and then the M-13, neither of which has a toll.

How do I know if my flight leaves from Terminal T4 or Terminal T4S (Satellite) at Madrid airport?

Remember that check-in for all flights is in the Main Building, Terminal Building or T4. The Satellite Building (T4S) is only used for flights with non-Schengen destinations, wide-body aircraft and certain flights with Schengen destinations.

The two buildings are connected by the airport services tunnel (AST) and the automated people mover (APM).
Check your ticket to see the terminal where you will board. As a general rule, all Air Shuttle flights and most domestic and Schengen flights depart from T4.

Except for any last-minute changes, Schengen, domestic and Air Nostrum flights operate from T4 using boarding gates K (K86 to K93).
Non-Schengen international flights depart from the Satellite Building (T4S).
Exceptionally, the odd domestic flight (including the Air Shuttle) or Schengen flight may depart from the Satellite Building.
To find out the terminal for your flight, check the Flight arrivals and departures information.

How do I move between terminals T1, T2, T3, T4 and T4S at Madrid airport?

Getting from Terminal T4 to T4S:
Regardless of the terminal assigned for your flight (T4 or T4S), access is always via T4 or Terminal Building. Both buildings are located at the north end of the airport, one opposite the other, and are connected by an underground automated people mover (APM).

Connections from Terminals T1, T2 and T3 to T4 and T4S, and vice versa:

  • Internal connection: bus for transit passengers.
    If you are in transit and checked your luggage in at the departure airport, you can use this free service to get around the airport. It stops at all terminals: T1, T2, T3, T4 and T4S.

  • External connection: free AENA shuttle buses.
    The buses operate 24/7 with departures from Terminals T1 and T2 direct to Terminal T4.

Where are the Iberia offices in Terminal 4 at Madrid airport?

At Madrid airport our offices are located as indicated below.

Ticket office
Our ticket office is located in front of the islands next to the check-in desks in T4.

Information and customer service offices

  • T4 has several Iberia information and customer service points: two at the front of the islands next to the check-in desks, two in each of the wings in the boarding area (Zones H and K), and three in the arrivals hall (baggage reclaim).

  • T4S has four information and customer service points: one in the middle of the check-in area, two in each of the wings in the boarding area (Zones R and U), and another one in the middle of the boarding area.

Transit Office
Some of the Iberia information and customer service points also operate as transit desks.

  • In T4 they are located in each wing of the boarding area (Zones H and K).

  • In T4S there is one in the middle of the check-in area and another two in the boarding area.

Where do I check in for my flight from Terminal 4 at Madrid airport?

At Madrid airport, check-in for all flights (including Air Nostrum) is located on Level 2 in Terminal 4.
This means that you can check in any Iberia desk that is open, irrespective of your destination.
The check-in area is divided into two separate areas, one for Business class and one for Economy class.
There are also 48 self-service kiosks for checking in with or without baggage. 

The Air Shuttle has its own check-in area which is accessed directly from the T4 entrance at Madrid airport and from the Barcelona-Madrid Corridor in Terminal 1 at Barcelona airport.

Where do I collect my luggage in Terminal 4 at Madrid airport?

Whatever your departure airport, on arrival at Madrid airport you can collect your luggage on the Arrivals level in T4. The customs area for flights from NON-Schengen countries is also located in this area.
In the Arrivals hall you will also find a customer service desk to report any incidents with baggage.

How do I take a connecting flight at Madrid airport? And at other airports?

The Terminal Area of Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport is made up of two separate buildings: Terminal T4 (Main Building) and Terminal T4S (Satellite Building). They are connected by a high-frequency automated train. Depending on the origin and destination of your flight, you will either have to change terminals or wait for your connection in the same building.
There are also train, bus or microbus services linking T4 and T4S with terminals T1, T2, and T3.

Check all the information on our connections page at Madrid airport or at other international airports.