Flight bookings and purchases

Book your ticket for numerous routes, including the Air Shuttle, or request a group booking. Get a duplicate of your ticket. Make a booking and confirm it later or check how far in advance you can book tickets on Iberia.com.

How do I retrieve and confirm a booking made from Iberia.com?

You can check whether your ticket and details are correct under Manage your booking, where you can also find all your travel details, book additional services or add information.
If you know the record locator for your booking and one of the passengers' surnames you won't need to sign in. And if you log in to your personal area you'll be able to manage all your bookings.

Can I make a booking and pay for it later?

You can book your flight on iberia.com and hold the price 72 hours without a commitment to buy the ticket.

You will pay for this service when you make the booking but it will be deducted from the final price of the ticket . The cost will depend on the length of the flight:

Short and medium-haul flights Long-haul flights

Once you have made up your mind, just go to Manage your booking and complete your purchase within 72 hours or the booking will automatically be cancelled and you will lose the amount already paid.

Use it in countries where it is available, provided you make the booking at least 5 days before the departure of the flight.
You can hold the booking for 72 hours on Iberia flights (operated by Iberia, Iberia Express or Air Nostrum) and on codeshare flights with British Airways, or when the booking includes flights by both airlines.
In certain other countries the purchase terms and conditions do not permit the automatic issue of tickets. In these cases, follow the instructions indicated during the purchasing process.

How do I upgrade to Business or Premium Economy? (Upgrades)

We offer you the possibility of travelling in Business or Premium Economy class to access:

  • Dedicated check-in desks

  • Free seat selection

  • Fast track (for Business passengers)

  • VIP lounge (for Business passengers)<

  • All on-board Business services: gourmet menu, more spacious seat, etc.

  • Priority baggage delivery

Once you have bought your ticket in Economy class, go to Booking Management or Check-in to find out whether you are eligible for an upgrade. Find out about the different Upgrade options we offer.

I haven’t received (email) confirmation of my purchase

Check your mailbox in case it has been marked as spam. If it's not in your spam mailbox, contact our Booking Centre.

If your ticket was issued by a travel agency you will need to contact them.

How do I get a copy of my ticket?

When you buy your ticket, you'll receive an email with the confirmation/itinerary. You can get a copy through Manage your booking as well as all the information about your ticket. In this section, you can also retrieve your details, add contact information, check-in for your flight, and much more.

On the day of the flight, just identify yourself at the airport with an official document that proves your identity.
If your ticket was issued by a travel agency, please contact them.

How do I make a group booking?

We treat 10 or more passengers as a group booking and you can't do this online. Request a group fare through our Group bookings page: fill in the form and we'll offer you the most economic fare available.

You can also do this through our Booking Service.

Air Shuttle: the fastest way to travel between Madrid and Barcelona

Get the guaranteed best online price on Iberia.com and board at Madrid and Barcelona airports without having to book a seat.

Now you can choose between an open ticket or a closed ticket. Both have the flexibility of an open ticket, including unlimited changes without a fee and free seat selection. For closed tickets you can guarantee your seat on the flight from the moment you book. You can combine an open ticket with a closed one. For open tickets, you can also make changes to your booking and get your boarding pass through the website or our app from the day before the flight and up to 60 minutes before departure.
Check the Air Shuttle times to buy your ticket or confirm your flight.

Multiple journeys

Go to the flight finder on our Multiple journeys page and book flights to several destinations. It's a very convenient way to customise your itinerary flight by flight.

Can I buy a ticket online securely?

Iberia.com offers a very high level of security, both from a technical and organisational point of view:

  1. Secure data storage. Our databases have a robust access control system as well as the relevant mechanisms for registering activities. Credit card numbers, passwords and secret questions are stored encrypted, using a highly secure cryptographic algorithm.
  2. Secure information transfers. Credit card data are transferred through telecommunication networks using a secure protocol and a certificate issued by an accredited entity (VERISIGN).
  3. Secure credit card payments. Iberia.com integrates user authentication mechanisms for the main cards on the market. This authentication guarantees a payment experience that protects the user against possible fraud.
  4. Systems to detect possible intruders. As well as the above measures, the iberia.com platform has additional security control mechanisms to detect and block possible attacks.
  5. Security audits. The iberia.com portal is subject to regular security audits to detect any deficiencies in the system and to determine any new measures that need to be implemented to prevent attacks by malicious users.

Can I buy a ticket for someone else?

In most cases you can buy a ticket for someone else, even if they live in another city, if the payment method you are using is accepted in the country where you are making the purchase. Otherwise, the passenger will not be admitted to the flight and will have to buy a new ticket on the spot. In any case, this will be indicated during the purchasing process, when you reach the payment page.
This is one of the reasons why we advise against paying with virtual cards.

How far in advance can I buy a ticket on Iberia.com?

You can book through Iberia.com up to 90 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight.