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  • Cordoba - Almeria 
  • Mendoza - Almeria 

Almeria airport

Almería Airport

Place: Almería View map

How to get to the city: The number 22 route connects the city centre with the airport, which is 9 km away; there is also a taxi rank located outside the arrivals area.

Terminals: It has a terminal

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Hola, Almeria!

Take advantage of our flight deals to Almería, a city full of many different types of beautiful beaches and a wide variety of places. Those seeking a bit of peace and quiet can find refuge in hidden coves such as Cala de la Media Luna, Cala del Príncipe and Cala de los Amarillos. If you prefer to go for a longer walk, there are many vast beaches such as the Cabo de Gata Salt Flats, Rodoalquilar, Mónsul or Genoveses.

In Almería you can also enjoy a bit of history, with the imposing citadel and the walls of Cerro de San Cristóbal/, one of the most important Moorish monumental and archaeological complexes in the Iberian Peninsula, almost a thousand years old. To enjoy all this and more, just book one of our cheap flights to Almería, and you'll find a place that looks straight out of a film.

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  • Barcelona - Almeria 
  • Madrid - Almeria 
  • Santiago de Compostela - Almeria 

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  • Brussels - Almeria 
  • Paris - Almeria 
  • Santorini - Almeria 
  • Dusseldorf - Almeria 
  • Prague - Almeria 
  • London - Almeria 
  • Amsterdam - Almeria 

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South America
  • Buenos Aires - Almeria1512728 ARS
  • Cordoba - Almeria 
  • Montevideo - Almeria 
  • Santiago de Chile - Almeria 
  • Mendoza - Almeria