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Shuttle Service

Find out the new special check-in and boarding conditions for the Air Shuttle from Barajas T4.

The Air Shuttle is located in a dedicated area to reduce check-in and boarding times to a minimum. You can check in up to 15 minutes before the departure of your flight.

You can book any flight you want, combining an open ticket with a closed ticket if you want to guarantee a place on the flight of your choice and you know the exact date and time when you want to travel. These new closed tickets have all the flexibility of open tickets, which means that you can change them as many times as you want, completely free of charge.
These changes can be made through the website as well as the Iberia app. This has been improved to include the new Air Shuttle services, so you can now purchase tickets, open or closed, change your booking as many times as you need to, and download your boarding pass with a simple click to your PC or smartphone.

To take the Air Shuttle, go to Terminal 4, Level 2 (Check-in). If you haven't downloaded your boarding pass or you need to check in a bag, proceed to the special Air Shuttle desks located on this same level, in the central section with fast access from the car park. Since these are dedicated check-in desks, baggage is handled separately.

If you already have your boarding pass, go straight to the adjacent dedicated security control, next to the Dalí VIP Lounge. The boarding gates are located on Level 1, a few minutes' walk from the check-in hall: J50, J51, J52, J54, J56 ,J58, K62 and K68 (*)

(*) Gate numbers may change. Always check the information screens to find out which gate has been assigned to your flight. Remember, some flights may operate out of the Satellite Terminal (T4S).

Air Shuttle schedules

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VIP Car Park

Giving your vehicle a preferential place in your trip means you can enjoy a surveillance and collection service.

When you enter T4 via the Departures area, stay on the left-hand lane “Authorised Vehicles and Bus Arrivals Only”. At this point you will be in the authorised vehicles lane and should continue through to the security barrier. After you have been identified as a customer at the security barrier, continue through to the Services building in the middle of the Terminal where an identified driver will be waiting for you.

More information on the VIP car park

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Our VIP lounges T4 Madrid

Iberia offers two VIP lounges to its Business Class passengers in the T4 of the Madrid airport.

The Dalí and Velázquez lounges, with more than five thousand square metres, are characterised by their functional and modern spaces, with unbeatable locations within the terminal, with an innovative design and all the service imaginable.

Food services. Iberia has refined a line of meals and aperitifs for its VIP lounges which are tailored to the type of traffic for each time zone.

Work / Leisure. Multiple options, for work and for leisure.

Relaxation. Iberia was inspired to decorate the T4 loungers on the Feng Shui philosophy, converting the lounges into an oasis of peace and tranquillity.


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Business Class Check-in Counters and Machines

Check your baggage as a business customer at exclusive counters.

You can use it whenever you fly in Business Plus and land in Madrid on an Iberia intercontinental flight started the day before, for free.

The simultaneous check-in islands at terminal T4 have counters exclusively for our Business Class passengers, and check-in machines with/without baggage. The counters set aside for Iberia are the central ones, numbers 780 to 899.

Remember that all flights are checked-in at Terminal T4 and there is no exclusive check-in area for Schengen flights (*) or for EU Non-Schengen flights.

Business Class Passengers

Iberia’s Business counters are located in the middle of Terminal 4.

They are counter numbers 780 to 799 (10 on each side).


There are 32 self-check-in machines in total for checking with or without baggage.

  • 16 of them are found at counter numbers 810 to 819.

  • Other 16 are found at counter numbers 850 to 859.

(*) The Schengen area comprises the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Check online information on flight arrivals and departures to make sure you know which terminal your flight operates out of.

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Time limit

You have a certain amount of time before your flight departs to get your ticket and check your baggage

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Lost and found

A service for finding the objects you left on the aircraft or at Iberia facilities and which were found at any of the stopovers along your route.

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VIP Lounges

Those private areas furnished for work meetings, enjoying haute cuisine meals and relaxing before or between flights.

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