Check-in information

Save time at the airport. Get your boarding pass and seat number.

You can get your boarding pass and your seat number assignment by checking in online from the comfort of your home or from your mobile. If you prefer, you can also check in at the airport using our self-service check-in kiosks or at the counters.

Online check-in

Select your seat and get your boarding pass as soon as you book a flight with Iberia, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum. If your fare doesn't include seat selection, you can still book in it advance for less than you would pay at the airport and get your boarding pass. Alternatively, you can wait until 24 hours before the departure of your flight and then check in.
Please bear in that mind check-in for flights to/from Cuba, El Salvador, United States, United Kingdom, Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico and China only opens 24 hours before the departure of your flight.

For all the flights, you can continue doing the check-in online starting the day before the departure flight.

You can obtain your boarding pass online up to 1 hour before the flight's scheduled departure (90 minutes in Lagos, San José and 180 minutes in Caracas).

Who can use this service?

  • All Iberia customers with tickets issued for Iberia flights.

  • Some origins do not allow online check-in, in which case you will need to check in at the airport.

  • Codeshare flights are excluded. In this case, we will redirect you to the website if the operator is American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Latam or Vueling. This means that you cannot acquire an additional baggage allowance through

  • You will not be able to use it if your flight (both at origin and destination) includes an Iberia code in connection with an Iberia flight operated by Vueling.

  • When it involves a special service: service for unaccompanied children, travelling with a pet, etc.

  • If you need to show your credit card at the airport.

  • In certain cases where flights have been booked through channels other than Iberia, you will not be able to check in online until 24 hours before the departure of your flight.

  • For Air Shuttle bookings of more than one person.

How can I check-in online?

Online check-in at in 5 simple steps – you just need a computer or tablet with internet connection. If you have a smartphone you can log into or download the apps for iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

  1. Searching for your booking:

    Select one of the two options available.

    • Booking code. You should provide the booking code or localiser and the passenger’s last name as it appears on the booking. (What is the booking code and where can I find it?)

    • Iberia Plus card number. Access Iberia Plus from your email or card number and password if you made your booking as an Iberia Plus member.

  2. Flight selection:

    You can select the flight(s) you wish to check-in for.

  3. Seat selection:

    You can choose and reserve your seat with from the time of purchase. If your fare does not include the possibility of choosing and reserving a seat, you can do it before you fly at a better price than at the airport. Check the conditions, depending on the cabin class you wish to fly in

  4. Confirm data:

    Check that all the information is correct before the boarding passes are issued.

  5. Boarding pass issue:

    You can print out the boarding pass to PDF, receive the mobile pass by email or download your mobile pass. 1 copy of the boarding pass per flight or leg.

    And, if you use an iPhone or iPod with version iOS6 or later, you can easily download your mobile boarding pass to your Passbook wallet.

If you are travelling with hand baggage only, check the boarding gate on the flight information screens and go directly to the gate after first passing through the security checks* where you must show your documentation.

* Having authorised the online check-in procedures, the security services at the airports may, under exceptional circumstances, restrict and/or limit access to the boarding areas. If this happens to you, please contact our airport personnel who will be happy to help you.

Flying with baggage?

If you are travelling with baggage, you should deliver it to the baggage drop counters (only available at Madrid and Barcelona airports) or the check-in counters 45 minutes before your flight departs (in Madrid this is 55 minutes for people coming out of terminal T4S).

See time limits for other destinations.

Then head to the security checks* and show your documentation.

Location of the check-in counters
Airport exit Check-in counters Location
Amsterdam (AMS) Aisle 21 positions 8, 9 and 10 (starting in September, the midday flight will have its check-in at counter 20, positions 3-5) Terminal 3
Frankfurt (FRA) 913 Terminal 2, Halle E
London - Heathrow (LHR) Zone B Terminal 5
Madrid (MAD) From 880 to 889 (international destinations with departures before 4 p.m.) Terminal 4
Madrid (MAD) From 880 to 882 (destinations Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea) Terminal 4
Madrid (MAD) From 810 to 829 (other destinations and international flights with late-night departures) Terminal 4

How can I get a mobile boarding card?

  • Log into the Online check-instarting 24 hours before your flight's departure and begin your individual check-in.

  • You can check in from the mobile apps downloaded onto your phone

You can have your boarding pass on your mobile phone and proceed directly to the aircraft without any other papers. The mobile boarding pass can be used at the check-in counter, the security checks and at boarding. Identification is more streamlined, with less paper used to print boarding passes.

At the airport

You can use your mobile boarding pass at the check-in counters if you have baggage, at the security checks where you can use the fast track service to skip queues and at the boarding gates to access the aircraft.

For efficient identification, you just have to swip your mobile terminal with the 2D image on the screen (preferably lit) closely by the mobile boarding pass reader and wait a few seconds for a positive identification (sound/light signal).

If it is cleared accidentally or the mobile boarding pass cannot be read correctly from your terminal, you can also take your conventional boarding pass to any self-service check-in kiosk or Iberia counter at the airport. The same thing applies if your mobile battery is not charged or you have forgotten your phone.

The mobile boarding card makes waiting times at airports more streamlined and considerably shorter, as the different identification filters are much quicker and more efficient. Please remember though that readers do not replace security personnel at airports or Iberia personnel who may ask you for documentation to identify you as well.

Self-service check-in kiosks

Travel more comfortably even before you take off. Save time with this check-in system that makes boarding so much easier.

How can I use this service?

Using this service is quick and easy:

  1. Identify yourself and follow the instructions provided on the screen.

  2. Choose your seat if you did not previously do so when you made the booking.

Use it if you are going to travel to any Iberia destination, providing a passport check or other security or immigration requirement is not needed. If you have to check baggage, don’t forget to go to the counter at least 45 minutes before the flight's departure.

To fly with the Air Shuttle, you also have Air Shuttle check-in only kiosks.

Flying with baggage?

If you are flying with baggage, departing from Madrid, you have an exclusive area for the check-in with baggage service:

  1. Get your boarding pass and the tags for your suitcases from the check-in with baggage kiosks in the hall.

  2. Drop your baggage at counters 813-814, 817-818 / 823-824 and 827-828 (also valid for online check-in).

  3. Head to your boarding gate.

E-ticket bought from

The check-in system will ask you to enter your credit card (if you were notified of this during the purchasing process) that you used to pay for the ticket(s), except Iberia Plus Platinum, Gold and Silver customers who entered their card number when they booked and bought their tickets via

Service not available for codeshare flights 

Types of boarding passes

Find out the different formats and types of boarding passes

From a PC

  • Print your pass to a PDF document.

  • Receive your pass by email.

From a mobile phone

  • Receive your mobile pass by email.

  • Download the mobile card as an image to your phone.

What’s my mobile boarding pass like?

The mobile boarding pass is a 2D code that contains all the flight details. Essential flight information is also included so you can easily identify it.

Diagram of Iberia bidi
  1. Surname / first name

  2. Flight number

  3. Departure date

  4. Class

  5. Seat selected

  6. Boarding pass number

  7. Destination airport

  8. Departure time

Passbook boarding pass

iPhone and iPad users with version iOS6 or later can receive an email or text message with a link to download their mobile boarding passes to their Passbook wallets.

"El check-in online móvil es especialmente útil cuando sales de una reunión, para hacerlo desde el taxi"

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