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Minimum return price

Minimum return price

  • Madrid49765 DOP
  • Seville58897 DOP
  • Ibiza60523 DOP
  • Bilbao57160 DOP
  • Jerez 
  • Santander 
  • Pamplona62304 DOP
  • Menorca 
  • Murcia 
  • Logroño 
  • Barcelona51131 DOP
  • Valencia53964 DOP
  • Asturias-Oviedo59840 DOP
  • Tenerife67056 DOP
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria60517 DOP
  • Vigo 
  • Fuerteventura 
  • Santa Cruz de La Palma 
  • Malaga55572 DOP
  • Palma de Mallorca69878 DOP
  • Alicante54028 DOP
  • A Coruña56769 DOP
  • Santiago de Compostela62232 DOP
  • San Sebastian62496 DOP
  • Granada 
  • Lanzarote92695 DOP
  • Almeria53881 DOP
  • Leon75554 DOP


Minimum return price

Minimum return price

  • Paris55026 DOP
  • London68579 DOP
  • Brussels54977 DOP
  • Vienna80214 DOP
  • Berlin67982 DOP
  • Bordeaux 
  • Zurich54767 DOP
  • Porto 
  • Munich 
  • Edinburgh 
  • Rome54462 DOP
  • Lisbon60830 DOP
  • Athens78896 DOP
  • Prague92592 DOP
  • Frankfurt58411 DOP
  • Geneva66088 DOP
  • Dusseldorf58392 DOP
  • Lyon 
  • Naples 
  • Nantes83370 DOP
  • Milan54122 DOP
  • Amsterdam61988 DOP
  • Venice56434 DOP
  • Catania 
  • Bologna57326 DOP
  • Marseille66089 DOP
  • Nice60256 DOP
  • Toulouse252957 DOP
  • Manchester 
  • Stockholm88824 DOP


Minimum return price

Minimum return price

  • Marrakesh78332 DOP
  • Dakar 
  • Cairo112651 DOP
  • Casablanca 
  • Tangier 
  • Algiers 

The Middle East

Minimum return price

Minimum return price

  • Tel Aviv71556 DOP
  • Amman 
  • Doha 

Tips to find the cheapest flights

If you're planning a getaway, a holiday or that trip you've been dreaming about, then no doubt you've started by looking for plane tickets. Saving on the price of your flights will be a great start and will give you more freedom to organise the rest of your trip. What to know how to get the best flight deals? Here are some tips on finding the cheapest flight. Take note and start planning that trip you have in mind without spending too much money:

  • Book in advance. Sure, it can be exciting to improvise, but if you want to get the best price, buy your ticket well in advance. How far in advance should you book your flights to get a real saving? As far in advance as possible, especially if you're thinking about a weekend getaway because weekends are when most people tend to take the opportunity to travel. As the seats on the plane fill up and the cheapest fares sell out, the lowest prices fly. So think ahead: plan, book early and save.

  • Be flexible if you can. Flying a day earlier than you planned or returning two days later can get you the best price. You can even find different prices on the same day. So as far as possible, look for those slight date and time variations because you might be very pleasantly surprised. We want to help you find the best deals: when you use our cheap flight finder, we'll show you prices for the date you searched and the surrounding days as well, so you can compare them. It's that simple!

  • Select the return ticket. It seems obvious but it's easy to forget, especially if you have some wiggle room regarding the dates of your trip. If you buy the outward and return tickets at the same time, you will usually get lower prices than if you book them separately.

  • Avoid peak season. You'll find cheaper tickets if you travel outside the busiest days and months. Although it really depends on the destination, school holidays, Christmas and Easter are usually peak season. And outside those dates? A world to discover. Step outside the box and you'll discover some amazing experiences, as well as the best flight deals.

  • Be inspired. Made up your mind where you want us to take you? Why not have a look at our flight deals? You might well discover destinations you hadn't thought of but that fit perfectly with your plans, and at the best price!

  • Become an Iberia Plus member. If you join the Iberia community, you'll unlock exclusive offers and promotions on our flights: special prices just for you. What's more, you'll be able to collect Avios with every flight and spend them on your next bookings.

FAQs about our cheap flights

How do I get the cheapest flight?

You can save on your plane ticket and get the cheapest flight if you avoid peak season, book in advance and are flexible about dates and times for both your outbound and return flight. And if you haven't decided on a specific destination for your trip, have a look at our offers for some inspiration: you're sure to find the cheapest flight.

What days of the week are cheapest to fly?

To find out which day is the cheapest to fly, just start a search in our cheap flight finder. Tell us where you are flying from, where you want to go and what dates you're thinking of. We'll show you the cheapest flights not only for the date you searched but on surrounding days as well, for both the outbound and return flight, so you can find the best deal. And be sure to look carefully at the different flight options we offer every day: certain times may save you even more on the price of your ticket.

When are the best flight deals?

You can get the cheapest flights by travelling outside peak season. Although it depends on the destination, in general Christmas, Easter and school holidays are peak season. Besides, if you're thinking about a weekend getaway, the earlier you book your flight, the better the price.

What day of the week is best for getting a cheap plane ticket?

You can find cheap flights any day of the week. The key to finding the best deals is to book early and be flexible. Usually, the earlier you book your plane tickets, the cheaper they will be. Besides, if you have some wiggle room as regards dates and times of flights, you'll be able to choose the cheapest price.

How far in advance should I book a flight to get the best deal?

The earlier you book your flights, the better the prices. Prices depend on the remaining seats on the flight and whether the cheapest fares (Economy) are still available or are selling out. So booking in advance is essential to get cheap flights.

Which fare guarantees me the best price for my flight? 

Iberia offers different fares to guarantee the best price for your travel needs. The Basic fare guarantees you the cheapest flight.

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