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How can I subscribe to the e-newsletters or update my information and preferences?

You can register through the e-newsletter banners or modules, like those you can find on the Flight Offers and Latest Newspages, or others that you will be able to see as you browse Iberia.com.

The process involves two steps to prevent unwanted subscriptions:
First you should complete a small form that contains some compulsory information (name and email address) and you will immediately be sent an email where you can indicate the last date for confirming your subscription. If you do not confirm your subscription before this date you will not have completed the registration process and your request will be automatically eliminated.
To complete the subscription process, click on Confirm Registration and you will be redirected to a page where you can complete or modify your preferences and finalise the process.
From this moment on, you will receive information on offers, promotions and news from the Iberia Group and associated Iberia Group partners, with benefits for being an Iberia customer.
In addition, if you include your city of departure and your preferred destinations, we can send you proposals tailored to your wishes.

To update your information or change your preferences, use the most recent newsletter you have received and click on the “create favourites” link. If you prefer, you can “register” again or enter a new e-mail address in the e-newsletters modules at any time. A message will be sent automatically to your e-mail address asking if you want to "Cancel Subscription" or “create favourites”. All you need to do is to press the option you want.

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I do not wish to receive commercial information through my e-mail

Clicking Iberia Plus gives you access to your personal area/my profile/subscription, enabling you to select the specific ones you do not wish to receive.

If you have asked to receive iberia.com offer newsletters, you can do this from the most recent newsletter you have received by clicking on the "create favourites" link and deregister, or at any time via the iberia.com e-Newsletters modules, you can "register" again or give your new e-mail address, which will send a message to your e-mail address asking if you want to "create favourites" or "Cancel Subscription". Simply click on the option you want and you will have completed your deregistration request.

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