Discover our wide range of fares and choose the one that suits you best. Find out the terms and conditions and how they apply to different age groups.

Is there any difference in fares according to age?

Prices may vary depending on age as well as fare type, origin/destination and flight dates. The fares for the different age groups are as follows:

  • Adult. The adult (ADT)fare applies to all passengers aged 12 and over.
    For flights between the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca and Menorca), the Iberia Joven (for ages 12 to 24) and the Iberia Senior (over 65) fares are available.

  • Child. For children between ages 2 and 11 inclusive (CHD) who are accompanied by a person aged 16 or over, the discount varies according to the fare and destination. It is not applicable to certain special offers.

  • Infant. Children under the age of 2 (INF) on the date of travel and who do not occupy their own seat pay between 30% and 10% of the fare of the accompanying adult. If the child turns 2 before the end of the trip, the child fare (CHD) will apply to all flights.
    If you prefer a child under the age of 2 to travel in their own seat, the fare for children between ages 2 and 11 inclusive (CHD) will apply and you will have to bring an approved travel seat.
    If you are travelling with two infants, one will pay the INF fare and will travel on your lap, and the second infant will pay the CHD fare for children between ages 2 and 11 inclusive and will occupy a seat. You must bring an approved travel seat for this infant.

Why are there such differently price fares for the same flight?

To adapt to your needs, we offer different types of tickets and fares both for flights in Europe and intercontinental flights. Each fare has different conditions that may vary according to the flight, and we therefore recommend that you check them during the purchasing process.

Once you have selected your origin/destination and dates in the flight finder, we'll show you the prices under the name of each fare. To find out exactly which services are offered (seat selection, baggage in hold, changes, refunds, etc.), click on the fare. This will open a window with all the details and applicable terms and conditions.

Check the services offered by each fare to choose the one that suits you best:

You can also add the options offered during the purchasing process or at a later time to ensure a personalised experience that meets your needs. We also offer discount fares and special offers for specific groups travelling as NGO volunteers, sailors, etc., and for professionals, exhibitors and press attending trade fairs and congresses.

We don't currently offer any discount fares for the military, pilgrims, disabled or customers over the age of 65 (except flights between the Balearic islands for the over 65s).

However, on our website you'll find special offers with unbeatable prices, depending on the flight dates and availability.

What does restricted/unrestricted fare mean?

Fare with restrictions refers to a fare that includes certain limitations. In general, refunds and changes are not permitted, or only with a penalty. These fares are usually the cheapest.

Fare without restrictions refers to a fare that permits changes and refunds. This is the case of full Economy or full Business fares.

Check the different fares we offer in Economy, in Premium Economy and Business.

Visit your family and friends

If you live in Europe and are visiting family and friends who live outside the EU, or vice versa, we offer a special fare with special advantages depending on the countries of origin and destination.
You can get it at travel agencies by requesting the “Visit friends and relatives” (VF&R) fare.

Is there always a ticket management fee?

Ticket management fees are applied according to the origin-destination and the type of ticket issued. Fees vary according to these factors and are never refundable. Tickets purchased solely Avios are exempt from management fees.
Fees also apply to route changes and refunds, and vary according to the market.
You can check the management fees for each ticket and fare class on Iberia.com, in the Table of management fees.

Is there any type of special treatment for NGOs?

Iberia offers fares which are sold exclusively through specialised travel agencies (they are not available on the website).
These fares have special advantages for customers who belong to non-profit humanitarian organisations, religious institutions or lay social service agencies and are travelling for humanitarian reasons. They are available across main Iberia network (Domestic excluded), in Economy, Premium Economy and Business class and for both one way and return trips, on flights operated by Iberia.

Fuel surcharge

At Iberia we apply a fuel surcharge on all our long-haul flights to reflect fluctuations in the price of crude oil around the world. The surcharge is calculated according to the flight time and applies to all passengers, including children and babies. Depending on the characteristics of your fare, you may be able to get a refund for the fuel surcharge.