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IBERIA and ALSA make it easy for you

We offer you a direct bus connection from your city to Terminal 4 at Madrid airport
to make your international trip more convenient.

Discover the Bus & Fly ticket

  • Buy a single combined ticket for our international flights and ALSA buses on, at our Booking office in your country* or at a travel agency.

  • The connection times between buses and flights are optimised to ensure you have at least 2 hours and 15 minutes, with all the advantages of a connecting passenger from the start of your journey until you reach your final destination.

  • Your free baggage allowance will be indicated on your ticket.

*These tickets cannot be purchased in Peru.


What are the advantages of a Bus & Fly ticket?

Bus & Fly tickets are always purchased through to the final destination so both Iberia, ALSA and AVANZA guarantee transit connections and will handle any possible incidents should they arise.

Connection times in Madrid (Terminal 4) between the air and ground transportation has been streamlined so you can check in/retrieve your baggage and reach your next mode of transport in time.

You can obtain additional Avios by using these tickets.

How much baggage can I take and how do I check my bags with a Bus & Fly ticket?

Bus & Fly tickets always include the application of the Iberia baggage allowance.

You cannot check bags on the overland sections so you should retrieve your baggage at Madrid airport:

  • To check your baggage for an international destination: At Madrid airport, the ALSA or AVANZA coach will drop you off in the T4 dock zone (1-4, ground level). You then take your baggage from the coach and proceed to the departures level (level 2) where you will find the Iberia check-in area. The information screens will help you find where to check in for your flight.


  • If your flight origin is international you can only check your baggage on Iberia flights through to Madrid. Once you leave the aircraft, collect your baggage from the belt and proceed to Customs. You must then head to the dock area (1-) at T4 where you will find your ALSA or AVANZA coach (level 0).


Boarding passes are not needed for overland journeys. They will only be issued from/to Madrid for Iberia flights. To use the online check-in of a ticket with an international destination you should select Madrid as the origin.

What documentation do I need for an international destination?

Documentation checks for an international destination will always take place at Madrid airport. Remember that ALSA or AVANZA staff will not check your documentation and if you reach Madrid you may be prevented from boarding the Iberia flight if you do not have the right documents. Don’t forget to keep your travel documents separate from the baggage you wish to check.

Consult us if you have any question regarding the documentation you need for your destination or if you need to process any.

Can pregnant woman travel with a Bus & Fly ticket?

You can travel up to 27 weeks of pregnancy. Between weeks 28 and 35 you will require a doctor’s certificate to fly.

Women are not allowed to fly after 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Check how to make your trip more comfortable and considerations for pregnant women and babies travelling by plane.

Can children and unaccompanied minors travel with a Bus & Fly ticket?

Children aged between 5 and 11 cannot travel unaccompanied with a Bus & Fly ticket. They must always travel with a companion. For these purposes, a companion is understood as someone 16 years of age or above on the date of travel and who travels with the minor.

People aged between 12 and 17 are considered adults and may travel alone. The assistance and companion service offered by Iberia is not available on Bus & Fly tickets.

Can passengers with special needs travel with a Bus & Fly ticket?

Passengers with sight and/or hearing difficulties can travel with these tickets. Passengers with other special needs should contact ALSA or AVANZA to book.

We recommend you carefully read Iberia’s adaptation regarding the carriage of passengers with special needs.

Can pets travel with a Bus & Fly ticket?

Pets are not accepted on Bus & Fly tickets as there are restrictions on the overland sections operated by ALSA or AVANZA.

Guide dogs are accepted at no additional charge for excess baggage when booked beforehand and so long as the flight destination is not the UK, Ireland or Malta. Please check the conditions for acceptance of the carriage of assistance dogs before you buy your ticket.

Is the meal and refreshments service included on a Bus & Fly ticket?

For flights operated by Iberia this will depend on the fare and the international route. Check the availability of meals on Iberia flights.

On overland sections operated by ALSA or AVANZA, the meal/snack service will not be offered in Economy or Supra classes. An onboard snack service is offered in Supra+ class.

Can I change my Bus & Fly ticket or seek a reimbursement?

Changes and reimbursements are associated with the air fare and will depend on the fare conditions. The overland sections are always associated with a flight so you cannot separate the ticket connection to make individual use of the different forms of transport.

How do I find lost property or missing baggage?

You will need to notify the operator where the incident occurred.

If it occurs on the land segment, you should contact the ALSA Customer Service Centre or AVANZA Customer Service Centre.

If you leave something behind on an Iberia plane or in a VIP lounge, from the second day you can search for it from lost property.

If your checked baggage is lost on a segment operated by Iberia, follow the instructions on the baggage incidents page.

To find belongings left at the airport (boarding gates, controls, etc.), contact the lost and found office at the airport in question.

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