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The Iberia app instantly available, wherever you are

We know you're always on the move, which is why the Iberia app lets you buy tickets and manage your flights conveniently and quickly, whenever and wherever you want. Want to know more? Off we go!

Phone with the Iberia app

Convenient booking and purchasing

Find your flight

All these options from your mobile: choose from more than a hundred destinations; select your preferred fare; find competitive prices; pay through the most secure platforms; get special offers... And if you register with Iberia Plus, you'll also be able to log in directly with your details and collect Avios every time you make a purchase.

Summary view of the search process in the app
Flight details view in the app
Payment details view in the app
Purchase confirmation view in the app

On the spot, at your own leisurely pace


Get your boarding pass or your companions' passes anywhere you want. Avoid queues at the airport. Download your ticket and store it in digital format so you can see it whenever you want, even without an internet connection.

Image showing a screen of the check-in steps in the app

Your booking, tailored to your needs

Booking management

Check your flight details and make as many changes as you want: select or change your seat, add a bag, take out insurance... Manage all these details from your mobile.

Mobile and screens showing the different booking management steps in the app
Overlaid screens showing the different booking management steps in the app

There's so much to enjoy

Private area

Check your balance and transactions instantaneously whenever you want, collect Avios with every purchase, and if you register with Iberia Plus you'll be able to enjoy benefits with Iberia and many other brands.

Iberia Plus private area sections
Iberia Plus balance and transactions
Iberia Plus card view

Information at your fingertips

Flight status

Check the status of your flight: times, last-minute changes, real-time information about your booking... or your companions' bookings.

Phones showing the general and detailed status of flights