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Sustainable fuel

We are moving towards an
ecological transition
of aviation

Supporting the use of sustainable fuel


In 2011 we carried out the first biofuel flight in Spain and in November 2021 we operated the first flight with fuel made in Spain out of waste. And this is just the beginning. We have pledged to operate 10% of our flights using sustainable fuel by 2030.

What is SAF?


Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is fuel made from raw materials from renewable sources, either biomass (biofuel) or renewable electricity (electrofuel or synthetic sustainable fuel).


by 80%
compared to

traditional fuels, from the point of view of life cycle analysis, that is, from production to final consumption.

Together with the Aircraft renewal, the development and more widespread use of fuel is key to the energy transition of the aviation sector.

Combustibles de aviación sostenibles o SAF


The sustainable fuels we use comply with Directive 2018/2001, which establishes the sustainability criteria.