Hand luggage

Regulations on hand luggage, dimensions and maximum weight. Restrictions on liquids, medicines and certain items. Check the EU regulations on taking alcohol, tobacco and cash with you when you travel.

What can I carry as hand luggage?

The free baggage allowance depends on the class you are travelling in, as well as the origin and destination. In general, hand luggage  consists of one item which may not exceed 56cm x 40cm x 25cm. The maximum weight is 10 kg in Economy and Premium Economy.
In Business class, the maximum weight is 14 kg and 2 items are permitted on long-haul flights, except from US airports.

You can also take a personal accessory free of charge (maximum dimensions 40x30x15cm), such as a handbag, briefcase, camera, folding umbrella, etc.

Sharp and/or blunt objects are considered to be dangerous goods.
For safety reasons, sharp elements (scissors, fine-tipped umbrellas, knives, etc.) and blunt ones (selfie sticks, mountain accessories, trekking poles, etc.) must be checked in to the hold. These items must never be carried in your hand luggage. Safety or disposable razor blades are permitted on board provided they are in their cartridge.

Medication: If you need to carry more than 100 ml of liquid medication or hypodermic needles in your hand luggage, you must have a certificate from your doctor and show it at security control.

Solid food is permitted on board, although the destination country may ban the entry of certain types of food. Please keep in mind that the liquid restrictions for items in hand luggage also apply to juices and other drinks.

Electronic devices and/or large electronic items (laptops, tablets, video game consoles, hairdryers, travel irons, etc.) Before boarding, you must remove these items from their cover or transport bag and place them on a tray for inspection.

Can I take liquids in my hand luggage?

For departures from any airport in the European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Brazil, USA and South Africa, regulations apply liquid restrictions (or similar) in hand luggage. You can take small quantities of liquids, creams or similar in 100 ml containers, up to a maximum of 1 litre, which you must place in a clear plastic bag with an adhesive or zip lock and present separately from your hand luggage at security control.
You are exempt from this restriction if:

  • You are travelling with babies, because you can take baby milk or juice.

  • If necessary, you can take dietary products, medication (liquid, gel or spray), insulin and any other necessary medicine in a sufficient quantity for the duration of the flight. You will need to show proof of your condition or a doctor's prescription at security control.

  • Items purchased at an EU airport in the shops accessible to passengers only or on board the planes of EU airlines.

These limitations do not apply to liquids placed in the hold as checked luggage, although we recommend that you do not pack fragile or glass objects to avoid accidents (perishable and fragile goods travel under your responsibility).

How do I check the size of my hand luggage?

You can check whether your luggage complies with the permitted dimensions (56cm x 40cm x 25cm) for transportation as hand luggage by using the sizers you will find in the check-in area at all airports. If it is too big, you will have to check it in.

Musical instruments

Conditions for transporting musical instruments:

  • As hand luggage:
    Instruments that do not exceed 30x120x38 cm (standard guitar measurements) may be carried in the cabin as the sole piece of permitted hand luggage.

  • On an extra seat:
    If you want to pay for an extra seat to take your musical instrument on board, you will have to contact your Iberia Booking Service to check the maximum size permitted and whether this is possible.

  • As checked baggage:
    The maximum size permitted for checked musical instruments, amplifiers and sound equipment is 190x75x65cm, with a maximum weight of 23 kg.

    The conditions and fees for checking in a musical instrument are explained in the information on special baggage.

Can I take medicine in my hand luggage?

We recommend that you keep all medication in your hand luggage and easily accessible.
If you suffer from any illness that needs to be treated with an injection (diabetes, etc.) or with liquid medication exceeding the 100 ml permitted, you will need a medical certificate to take the syringes, needles and necessary medication on board.
Remember, airport security services are beyond our control and you should therefore prepare a contingency plan with your doctor in advance in case the authorities don't let you board the plane with these items.

Can I take alcohol, tobacco and cash with me?

In accordance with current European regulations, when entering or leaving the European Union you can take up to 10,000 euros (€) in cash, or its equivalent in other currencies or assets, without having to declare it. All amounts exceeding this figure must be declared to the customs authorities.
Some member states also regulate the cash that people carry when travelling between different countries in the EU.

In the United States you must declare to the customs authorities any inflow or outflow of cash exceeding 10,000 US dollars ($). However, for further details contact the embassy of the country you are travelling to.

Alcohol and tobacco

If you are travelling between European Union member states, you can take tobacco, alcohol and alcoholic beverages for your personal use. If the tobacco or alcohol you are carrying is within the established limits, you will not have to pay any duty on it.

Can I carry human ashes in an urn in my land luggage?

You can carry ashes or cremated human remains in your hand luggage provided they are placed in a non-breakable urn securely sealed and concealed. At the departure airport you may also need to show death and cremation certificates so be sure to take them with you. If you are taking ashes from one country to another, we advise you to contact the consulate in the destination country regarding possible requirements by the local authorities.

How much hand luggage can I take on an Iberia flight operated by Vueling?

If you are travelling on an Iberia flight operated by Vueling, you can take 1 item which may not exceed 55x40x20 cm (height x width x depth) and may not weigh more than 10 kg. It must also fit in the sizer available at all airports. You can also take a smaller bag or briefcase (maximum size 35x20x20 cm), plus an additional bag containing your airport purchases. Both of these items must fit under the seat in front of you. At the boarding gate, any hand luggage (or accessory) that does not comply with this regulation (i.e. that exceeds the above quantity and/or dimensions) will be removed and stowed in the aircraft hold at an additional cost.

If you are travelling on an Iberia flight operated by Vueling and connecting to an Iberia flight operated by Iberia in which you are travelling in Long-Haul Business Plus you may take the 2 items of hand luggage included in your fare.

Security measures applicable to hand luggage

In addition to complying with the liquid restrictions and dangerous goods, you will also need to keep in mind certain regulations that apply to the security filters at airports:

  • There is a limitation of the size of hand luggage, as per the IATA standard (56cm x 40cm x 25cm). If you exceed this limitation, the staff at security control will direct you to the check-in desks and you will have to check in your luggage.

  • Your jacket or coat has to pass through the X-ray at security control separately from your hand luggage, while you pass through the metal detector arch.

  • Your laptop and any large electrical or electronic device will also have to pass through the X-ray separately from your other hand luggage.

  • If you are flying from the USA, Dominican Republic or Costa Rica, the maximum amount of powder-based substances that you can take in your hand luggage is 12oz/350ml/350g.