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If you travel regularly between certain parts of Spain or Europe, buy an Iberia Savings Plan. Assign the amount you want and use it to fly to your usual destination on one-way or return flights. The higher the amount you add to your Plan, the greater your savings.

Paso 1

Buy your Savings Plan for between €100 and €3,000. It remains valid for one year to use for at least two trips.

Paso 2

You can use it to pay for tickets or add extras to your flights. And if you fly with a regular companion, you can also use it to pay for their flight.

Paso 3

Enjoy your trip and your discount. And when you have used up your Savings Plan, sign up for a new one and keep taking to the skies at the best price.


Alex saves 5%*

Alex is at university in a city on the coast and every four months he spends the weekend at his parents' house in his home city.

Alex's annual spending on flights amounts to €500

With our Savings Plan he gets a 5% discount.



Diana saves 10%*

Diana runs an advertising agency and once a month she travels to another city to meet with a client in person.

Diana's annual spending on flights amounts to €1,000

With our Savings Plan she gets a 10% discount.



Daniel and his daughter save 15%*

Daniel's daughter is following a course of treatment for which she has to travel once a week to the capital, accompanied by her father.

Daniel and his daughter's annual spending on flights amounts to €3,000

With our Savings Plan they get a 15% discount.


Purchase your Savings Plan

* These simulations are examples of use and under no circumstances are they binding.

Book your trip with your Savings Plan

Image: How to redeem your voucher

Every time you purchase a Savings Plan you get a code. All you have do is enter it in the Vouchers, Plans and Gift Cards section when you reach the payment page at the end of the booking process and your discount will be automatically applied. You can keep paying for trips with your Savings Plan until you have used up the balance.

Check your Savings Plan status


Enter the subscription code we sent you when you purchased your Savings Plan. You can check the available balance and other details.

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