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 Boarding using facial recognition, in four steps:


What does boarding using facial recognition consist of?

This is a unique project that improves the entire flow, from registration on the app to boarding the plane, passing through security without the need to present any documentation. Biometrics have touched down at Iberia to make your airport experience even more convenient.

How do I register on Iberia's app?

There is a "Facial Recognition" section in the personal area on the Iberia app where you can manage your biometric profile. Here, you can check whether your profile is active, create your biometric profile (associate a face with an ID document), associate a new document to a face and renew a profile if necessary (substantial changes to a face or document).

Who can use facial recognition?

To register on this programme, you must be over 18 and have a valid Spanish ID document (DNI and/or passport) or a European passport.

You can only link your boarding pass to your biometric profile if you have an individual reservation.

During the trial period, the programme will be limited to flights from Madrid (Barajas) to Oviedo and Brussels operated by Iberia boarding at gates J40 or J58.


Are Boarding Groups still valid?

Boarding groups are still valid. The facial recognition boarding procedure does not affect priority boarding groups, who will continue to board in the conventional manner. When you reach the boarding gate, you can choose to board conventionally or using the biometric gate, if you have registered on the programme and have associated your boarding pass with you biometric identity at check-in using the Iberia app.

Do you have to register for the programme each time you fly?

You only need to register for this programme once. From then on, every time that you fly MAD-OVD and MAD-BRU, you can benefit from the facial recognition boarding procedure, linking your boarding pass to your biometric profile.

How can you unsubscribe from the programme?

To remove your biometric profile and, therefore, delete your personal data, simply send an email to Aena's Central Data Protection Department (ocpd@aena.es) attaching a photocopy of your DNI/NIE/Passport and a recent photograph.

What happens if I lose the ID document I used to enrol on the programme?

If you lose the document associated with your biometric profile, you will have to renew your biometric profile with a new document issued by the competent authority.

On which routes can I board using facial recognition?

Only the following routes will be available during the trial phase:

  • From Madrid (MAD) – To Oviedo (OVD)

  • From Madrid (MAD) – To Brussels (BRU)

Which ID documents can I use to register on the programme?

A Spanish DNI or passport issued by any European country can be used to sign up to the programme. If you enrol on your mobile using the Iberia or AENA app, you will need to use the "DNI 3.0" version of your DNI. This DNI includes an NFC chip to communicate with your mobile. You can use the “DNI 2.0” version without an NFC chip when enroling at a self-check in machine..

What mobile phone and operating system do I need to enrol from my mobile?

You will need a mobile with an NFC reader to register your biometric profile. In terms of operating system, the Android system is currently valid and moving forward, the iOS system on Apple devices will be valid (provided that NFC communication is enabled).

Will I still need to take my ID document and boarding pass with me?

The regulations stipulate that you must still carry your documentation and boarding card with you, but you will not need to show them to Iberia's agents.

How can I sign up if my mobile phone does not have NFC technology, my ID document does not have NFC technology or I experience a problem when enroling from my mobile?

You can enrol using the self-check in machines installed in Terminal 4 (stand 848). If you experience any difficulties, you can ask for assistance from an Iberia agent.

Do I need to be an Iberia Plus member to board using facial recognition?

You don't need to be an Iberia Plus member to board using facial recognition. Nor do you have to be registered on the Iberia app to link your boarding pass to your biometric identity. You can check in on the Iberia app and associate your biometric profile to your boarding pass on the following routes: MAD-OVD or MAD-BRU. You should only be registered as an Iberia Plus user on the Iberia app if you want to register on the biometric database managed by AENA and you are not flying with Iberia on the following routes: MAD-OVD or MAD-BRU.

Will my enrolment on the programme last forever?

Generally speaking, enrolment lasts for the trial period, which is expected to take 1 year (approx. until November 2020). However, if you wish to unsubscribe at any time, you must send an email to Aena's Central Data Protection Department (ocpd@aena.es) attaching a photocopy of your DNI/NIE/Passport and a recent photograph.