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How does boarding by facial recognition work?

 Register your facial recognition profile from the Iberia App


What if my phone does not have NFC?

If your mobile phone does not have NFC, then you need to register at the kiosk for this purpose in the check-in area for the Air Shuttle.


What does using facial recognition to board involve?

Biometrics has come to Iberia to make your passage through the airport more comfortable: biometric boarding will make travelling smoother, from registering in the application to boarding and passing through the security filter, all without the need to show any documentation.

What can you do from the Iberia App?

If you go to the Facial Recognition section in the Personal Area on ​​the Iberia App you can check whether your biometric profile is active, register by associating your face with your identity documents, associate new documents and/or renew your profile whenever there are substantial changes in your face or in your documents.

Will you need to register with the programme every time you fly?

No, you only need to register for the programme once. From that moment on, every time you fly on routes that allow biometrics, you will be able to take advantage of the facial recognition boarding experience. All you will need to do is to associate your boarding card with your biometric profile each time you travel.

For which customers is facial recognition available?

To be able to register with the programme you need to be over 18 and have a valid Spanish ID document (DNI and/or passport) or a European passport.
Also people who are registered with the programme and are not PMR (due to the technical difficulty of passing through the biometric doors). The booking code should correspond to an individual booking (it is not valid for group bookings).

Are Boarding Groups still valid?

Yes, they are still valid. The facial recognition boarding procedure does not affect boarding groups who will continue to board in the conventional manner. On reaching the boarding gate, customers may choose to board conventionally or using the biometric gate providing they are registered for the programme and have associated their boarding card with their biometric identity when checking in using the Iberia app.

How can I cancel my registration with the programme?

To cancel your biometric profile and delete the associated personal data, all you need to do is send an e-mail to the Aena Central Data Protection Unit ocpd@aena.es, together with a photocopy of your ID/NIE/Passport and a recent photograph.

What happens if I lose the ID document I used to register with the programme or if it expires?

If you lose the document associated with your biometric profile or it expires, you will have to renew your biometric profile with the new document issued by the competent authority.

On which routes can I board using facial recognition?

The initial routes are the following:

  • Origin Madrid (MAD) – Destination Barcelona (BCN)

  • Origin Barcelona (BCN) – Destination Madrid (MAD)

Which ID documents can I use to register with the programme?

The valid documents are a Spanish DNI 3.0 ID (an ID with NFC technology to be able to communicate with a mobile phone) and an electronic passport.

What mobile phone and operating system do I need to be able to register from the Iberia App?

To be able to register your biometric profile from a mobile device, it needs to have an NFC reader. The Apple iOS operating system will be valid, and in a future yet to be determined, so will the Android system.

Will I still need to take my ID document and boarding pass with me?

Yes, this is what the regulations require. You will not need to show your boarding card or your ID at any time to Iberia agents, but you will be required to have both of these documents with you.

Will the boarding agent need to check that I have my ID?

On the Madrid (MAD) - Barcelona (BCN) and Barcelona (BCN) - Madrid (MAD) routes, the agent at the boarding gate may ask you for your identification document to be able to identify you. As you have already been identified during the biometric identification process and this identification is repeated by the biometric software at the boarding gate, the agent will not need to do this.

How can I register if my mobile device or ID document does not have NFC, or if there is any problem registering from my mobile?

You can always register from the kiosks in terminal T4. If you experience any difficulties,you can ask for assistance from an Iberia agent.

Do I need to be an Iberia Plus member to be able to board using facial recognition.

To take advantage of boarding by facial recognition you do not need to be an Iberia Plus member, nor do you need to have the Iberia App. If you fly between Barcelona and Madrid or vice versa, you can check in and associate your biometric profile with your boarding pass from the Iberia App, without being registered.
You will only need to register for Iberia Plus on the Iberia App if you take this route and your flight is operated by another airline. In that case, you will also need to register in the AENA biometric database.

Where is the information regarding my documentation stored?

The photo on your identity document is registered on the AENA servers and suitably encrypted. It can only be accessed with regard to the operation of this programme. If an Iberia agent has assisted you in the registration process, they will not be able to make use of that information, unless it is to complete this process. For further information go to the Biometric System Privacy Policy.

How does the Supervised registration mode work?

Firstly, an Iberia agent will supervise your registration process at the kiosk; This will make it possible to identify you and validate that the photo of your face corresponds to that on your identity document. They can also scan your boarding card to verify that it actually corresponds to you.

The recommended operational procedure is for the agent to first complete the validation together with you, and when it has been verified that your identification document and boarding card are correct, the agent goes to the kiosk with you to help you validate both documents from there.