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Charity Avios

Use your Avios to make a difference

Solidarity Avios

We conduct our business with respect for the environment and its conservation, as well as actively contributing to social causes, because we want to contribute to the development and progress of the societies in which we operate.

That is why, we support organisations that work to improve child health, provide assistance to vulnerable children and facilitate the inclusion of groups at risk of social exclusion. Part of the work undertaken by these organisations involves air travel, so your Avios can make a crucial difference by enabling them to take their mission much further.

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Aladina Foundation

Chaired by Paco Arango, the foundation works with 18 Spanish hospitals and more than 2,000 children and their families benefit from its programmes every year. Its mission is to ensure that these little warriors never lose their smile or the will to fight.

Its various programs include emotional support, recreational therapies and volunteering, psychological support, physical exercise program, palliative care, international summer camps, the extraordinary aid program and support for research, among others. In addition, Aladina carries out major works and improvements in some of the public hospitals in which it collaborates.   

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Aviación Sin Fronteras

Founded in 1999 by two Iberia Flight Attendants, Aviación Sin Fronteras (ASF-Spain) develop its projects thanks to the sheer will of their volunteers, absolute cornerstone of the NGO.

ASF-Spain has two main areas of expertise: promoting aviation related activities for the disabled and disadvantaged, and supporting international cooperation, focusing on health, childcare, disability and education. This NGO achieve its goals via five main projects: Wings of Hope, Wings of Smile, Wings for girls in Dakar, Humanitarian Air Cargo and Literacy in Burkina Faso, with the support and collaboration of Iberia on most programs.

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Ayuda en acción

Ayuda en Acción ("Help in Action") is a non-political, non-religious NGO that has been fighting poverty and inequality for more than 37 years. With projects in 20 countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa, as well as Spain, the NGO provides assistance to more than 2 million people.

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Fundación Envera, formerly APMIB, was created in 1977 by Iberia employees with children with special needs. Its mission is the protection and social and professional inclusion of people with physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities.

We work actively with this organisation which every year assists 1,500 people with functional diversity, offers 330 care places and provides employment to more than 400 people with disabilities.

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Fundación Integra

Fundación Integra helps socially excluded and disabled people to reclaim the reins of their life through inclusion in the labour market.

Iberia belongs to "Compromiso Integra", the network of companies and organisations committed to socially responsible employment that actively support and participate in the inclusion of disadvantaged people through direct recruitment, corporate volunteering and awareness raising.

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Mano a Mano

Mano a Mano is an NGO that was founded in 1995 as an initiative by Iberia employees who wanted to send humanitarian aid to countries in need to which the company operated flights, and they wanted to do it without any intermediaries - hence the name, "hand to hand".

Nearly 25 years later, the NGO continues to pursue its mission thanks to support from Iberia and the commitment of current and former employees who volunteer with Mano a Mano. It undertakes projects in soup kitchens, schools and hospitals in Spain and countries like Guatemala, Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Peru and Venezuela.

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Fundación Sepla Ayuda

Fundación Sepla Ayuda was created in 2006 to help people in need through education, nutrition and healthcare projects, and in general all projects concerned with addressing basic needs in decent conditions.

Supported by Iberia, the foundation primarily focuses on education initiatives in countries in Africa and Latin America.

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Fundación 38 Grados

The core mission of Fundación 38 grados is to provide end-of-life care to the sick, helping them to put their affairs in order so that they approach this difficult moment in peace and comfort. Because every life story deserves to end well.

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Save the Children

In 1919, one hundred years ago, Save the Children was founded with the goal of creating a world in which children can survive, have the chance to learn and are protected from violence. The organisation has reached many milestones since then, but it continues to work today to ensure the survival, education and protection of every last child. Each year it brings about lasting changes in the lives of millions of children, including those who are the hardest to reach.

Iberia supports Save the Children's "Schools as Zones of Peace" project, which teaches life tools to secondary school children in Guatemala City.

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