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City pick up and check in. Enjoy your trip; BoB takes care of the rest.

Skip Baggage Claim. Land and don’t wait for your baggage; BoB will deliver it to your home

Frequently asked questions

What services does BoB provide?

With the Check In service, BoB collects your bags from anywhere in the city and delivers them to the airport counter for you.

With the Skip Baggage Claimservice, BoB collects your bags from the baggage belt at your destination airport and delivers them to the address you specify.

The availability of each service depends on your departure and arrival airport.

Search for your flight and check the available services.

How much does the service cost?

The BoB service includes the collection of luggage and its transportation. The price of the service is per suitcase, both for the Check In service and for the Skip Baggage Claim service.

The price of the service takes into account all the suitcases of all the passengers who fly.

The first suitcase costs 20 euros and the additional ones 10 euros each.

For example, a service with three suitcases from three passengers would cost a total of 40 euros (20 euros for the first suitcase and 10 euros for each additional suitcase).

The cost of the BoB service is independent of the costs of adding additional suitcases to the free check-in baggage with Iberia.

How does BoB check in baggage at the airport?

BoB is a company endorsed by the Spanish State Agency for Air Safety (AESA) to provide the service of baggage collection and check-in with Iberia following the security protocols required by the Spanish airport regulations.

Just as when you hand in your luggage at the Iberia counter, the BoB agent will need to check personal documentation, boarding passes and visas, if required, and the weight of the luggage of all passengers.

In the mobile application of the BoB agent all the data of the passengers are registered and associated to each one of the luggage in an individualized way as required by the airport security regulation.

Once the process has been completed, BoB will send you a confirmation by email and an sms with the identification tags of your luggage.

Can the luggage be delivered by a different person than the one flying?

For security reasons it is not possible. BoB needs to verify on site the identity of the persons flying with their ID, NIE or passport (in addition to the boarding pass) and associate it to each of the suitcases that will be checked in with Iberia.

How far in advance do I have to make a reservation?

You can make your reservation as far in advance as you wish.

Once you have selected your flight you can choose the time at which BoB will collect your luggage within the available time slots.

In any case, we recommend that you make your reservation as soon as possible so that you can choose the schedule that best suits your needs.

I'm overweight in my luggage, how does BoB handle this?

The BoB agent will weigh your luggage at the time of collection. In case the weight of your luggage exceeds the fare of your ticket, BoB will offer you to manage the excess cost at the airport by charging it to the payment method you used to make your BoB reservation.

I want to check in more luggage than I have included in my online check-in, can the BoB agent do it for me at the airport?

If you need to check in more luggage than you included in your online check-in BoB charges the additional cost to the payment method you used to make your BoB reservation.

What does the Airplane Home service include?

The service includes the collection on the baggage belt, custody, transport and delivery at the address you indicate and is independent of the cost of check-in baggage you contract with Iberia.

How will BoB identify my luggage?

In order to correctly identify your luggage we will ask you to send us some pictures of your bags and their identification tags before take-off.

At the moment of the luggage delivery, the BoB agent will validate the identity card of the person who made the reservation and the identification tags.

What should I do if I want to modify or cancel my reservation?

If you want to make any changes or cancellations, call +34911984997 or write to support@bob.io

I have some additional questions, how can I solve them?

Visit bob.io website for more information.