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List of laboratories by country of origin


Buenos Aires
Our partner Quirónprevención in Argentina offers preferential prices for Iberia customers. To book your appointment dial (+54) 91138690366 and get your COVID test to fly.


Clínica CR Diagnósticos

Book a COVID test with preferential prices for Iberia customers at the CR Diagnostics Clinic. Reserve in the following link:


Book your COVID test with Cellus and enjoy exclusive discounts for Iberia customers:


Book your PCR test in "Clinica de la Mujer" with special discounts for Iberia customers. You can book on this link

Get your COVID test with preferential prices for Iberia customers in "Clinica Medellin". Book your appointment now on the following link

Iberia customers get preferential prices to do their COVID test in "Clinica Imbanaco". You can book calling (+57 2) 5186000, (+57 2) 3821000, (+57 2) 3851000 or alternatively sending an email to

Costa Rica

Book an appointment at SYNLAB by mail with a special price for Iberia customers of $ 70 by writing to the following email:

If you prefer to make an online appointment with Bluemedical, you can do it for $ 90 through the following link:


Book your COVID test with SYNLAB and enjoy exclusive discounts for Iberia customers:


Melio España
You can book your COVID test with Melio with a 10% discount through the following link:

Book your COVID test with Quironprevention and enjoy exclusive discounts for Iberia customers:

Receive your COVID19 test at home to get your travel certicate. You can also get anexclusive discount on the following link:

Fly Covid Test Center
Book your appointment at the airport and get your test from 30€. Check available airports. Iberia customers will have preferential asistance. You can book your appointment in:

You can book your COVID test with Eurofins with an exclusive price from €70 PCR and €29.17 antigens for being an Iberia customer through the following link:

United States

Receive your test through this link:


Get your COVID test with preferential prices for Iberia customers in "Bluemedical". Book your appointment now on the following link:


You can book your COVID test at Eurofins with a discount through the following link:


Over 60 locations across Mexico. Call to book your appointment and provide the exclusive promo code "105363" to benefit from Iberia customers preferential prices:
CDMX: (+52) 55 8650 8509
CUN: (+52) 99 88002157
GDL Y MTY: (+52) 33 89952360

Located in Mexico city and in Mexico airport. When you call to book your appointment, identify yourself as an Iberia customer to get preferential prices
(+52) 55 5593 7517

Laboratorio MDT
Located in Mexico city airport Gate F3. To book your COVID test, call by phone and identify yourself as an Iberia customer to get preferential prices
Morning: +52 55 6917 7935
Afternoon: +52 56 1363 1516

Hospital Español
Go to the Hospital Español (located in Av Ejército Nacional 613, CDMX, phone number (+52) 55 5255-9600), from Monday to Saturday between 09:00 and 21:00 hrs with your Iberia ticket to have a preferential price for your PCR test.
For more information click here


Take your Covid test with Vidateclab and get an exclusive price for Iberia customers.

Take your Covid test with Minimed and get an exclusive price for Iberia B/.55 customers.


Book your COVID test in Aptus (quirónprevención) with preferential prices for Iberia customers. All information regarding the available tests and prices are in the following link


Several locations
Book your COVID test appointment in any location across the country with SIPRP and get your PCR certificate to fly. Iberia customers have preferential prices when booking through the following link

United Kingdom

Melio UK
Same day and next day COVID tests available at over 25 locations nationwide, exclusive discounts for Iberia customers with no hidden extras, and return tests available in Spain.

ExpressTest (PCR tests at Heathrow, Gatwick and Edinburgh airports from £60)

Get your "Fit to Fly" certificate with Medicpost and remember to enter your IBERIA code when you book your test.

Book your Covid test with Halo and remember to enter the IBERIA code on the payment page to get your discount

Get your Covid test for £43 and send it to Randox for analysis. Claim your discount with the code "IBERIA"
Get your Covid Lateral Flow Home test for £12 and use the “Randox Certifly” App to get your documentation. Claim your discount with the code "IBERIA"
Get your Covid PCR In Clinic test from £50 at various Airports and Clinics. Claim your discount with the code "IBERIA"
Get your Covid Lateral Flow In Clinic test for £30 at various Airports and Clinics.



You can book your COVID test at Eurofins with a discount through the following link

Book your COVID appointment at any SIPRP location in the country and do your PCR to be able to fly. Iberia customers enjoy a preferential price when making their reservation at the following link:

Types of COVID tests

Country regulations

To plan your journey as smoothly as possible, be sure to check in advance the restrictions and requirements currently in place in different countries.

Frequent questions

Where can I get a test?

Thanks to these laboratories you can get COVID tests done in almost all Spanish capital cities and in many other parts of Europe and the US. 

What time are the centres open?

You will need to check each place where you want to take the COVID test but in most cases tests can be taken from Monday to Saturday. 

What types of tests are there and what do they consist of?

The following tests are available:

PCR test
A PCR is a molecular test based on the detection of RNA for the SARS-CoV-2 virus by RT-PCR. This is currently the benchmark test for diagnosing the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the early stages of the disease. The molecular detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is very specific, so a positive result confirms the detection of the virus. A negative result does not always mean the virus is absent since it depends on the viral load in the sample. If a negative result is obtained for a patient suspected of being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, it should be confirmed with a second test.

Rapid antigen test
This test looks for proteins, or antigens, found on the surface of the virus, to detect whether the person is infected at that moment in time. It provides essential information at a precise stage of the infection cycle when people are at greater risk of spreading the disease. It is therefore a useful tool for containing the spread of the virus. The turnaround time for results is very fast and they are available at the health centre where the test is taken.

These tests are highly reliable and have been approved by the health authorities in many countries.

In both cases, the sample is taken by nasal swab and there is no need to be tested on an empty stomach.

Saliva test

This test consists of amplification of the RNA for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus from a saliva sample. You can take the sample for the test yourself without having to leave your home.   .



How much do the tests cost?

Iberia has teamed up with Quirónprevención to be able to offer tests to passengers at a special price:

  • The turnaround time for PCR tests is 24-48 hours and the cost is €90
  • Rapid antigen tests cost €40 and the results are available within the hour.
  • Saliva tests cost €98 and the results are available within 24-48 hours.


What happens if I do not arrive in time to take a PCR?

If because of the date, the time spent in the destination or the place where you wish to take the test, it is not possible to have a PCR or saliva test, you will be notified before contracting the service.

What happens to my flight if I test positive?

If your test result is positive you will not be able to travel. In this case, you will be promptly informed of the alternative options after formal confirmation and the application of specific protocols for each case.

We also offer insurance covering cancellation due to COVID19 that may be purchased together with your ticket when you book your flight.

What do I need to travel from Spain?

A number of our destinations require a PCR or antigen test certificate to enter the country. This test will help you avoid restrictive measures when you arrive at your destination so you can enjoy your trip.

You can check the requirements for each country on the map on this page.

When are customer services available when making an appointment?

Customer services are available at the Quirón, Arquimea and Eurofins laboratories 24 hours-a-day in Spanish and English.

Can I change my appointment?

Once the appointment is booked, you can change it by calling the laboratories' call centre providing you do so at least two hours before the appointment is to take place. Returns or modifications on the contracted product are not allowed.

Can I contract this service if I haven't booked a flight with Iberia or Iberia Express?

Yes, the service can be contracted through the laboratories' customer services. However, Iberia customers who have booked a flight will have priority when appointments are assigned. Contact them to check availability for the service.

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