Welcome to the Wine Club

Since you are a member of Iberia Plus, the Wine Club will deliver an exclusive selection of wines served in Business class and VIP lounges direct to your home.


Pay with Avios

Use your Avios to get fine wines for free and collect more Avios with each purchase.

Premium wines selection

Get access to our selection of the finest Spanish wines and exclusive packs for members only.

Unique experiences

Access Michelin Star gastronomic experiences, visit the most prestigious wineries and become a wine expert.

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Unforgettable dining with a top chef from one of the nine most prestigious wine appellations of Spain. Each season an exclusive menu paired with our finest wines.



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How does the Club work?
  • 1.Sign up to the Club

    Create your account on clubdelvinoiberia.com with your Iberia Plus number.

  • 2.Spend and collect Avios

    Make a purchase and pay for it with your Avios. And for every purchase we'll give you more Avios.

  • 3.Receive your order

    wherever you are We deliver to addresses in Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Quarterly selection

Every three months we offer a new selection of wines on board, in our VIP lounges and at our online store. Get special access to the selections we offer to our customers in Business class and our VIP lounges.

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