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Fly to Dubrovnik from €169 round trip

Cities steeped in centuries of history, still deeply rooted in their traditions but at the same time boasting a vibrant and modern cultural life, home to impressive monumental sites and teeming with hidden charms waiting to be discovered. Fly to Croatia and fall in love with its nature areas, oak forests and 1000 islands. Sit down at the table with the local people to try their delicious varied cuisine and take a road trip to explore this small country. Discover Croatia, a vibrant destination.

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A small country, a great heritage.
Croatia is culture

The best place to get lost and find yourself again:
Croatia is nature

From the shores of the Southern Dalmation Islands bathed in the gentle sun of the Adriatic to the top of the Dinara, the country's highest peak, to the wildlife in the wetlands of Posavina and the Mediterranean vegetation of the Mljet forests... the natural beauty of Croatia is endless.

Immerse yourself in one of Europe's best-preserved nature areas (10% of the country is protected), explore the eight national parks and 12 natural parks, stroll along some of the world's most beautiful beaches and soak up the energy of this genuine green paradise with a privileged climate and unique flora and fauna.

A journey of the palate through centuries of tradition:
Croatia is delicious food

Croatian cuisine is characterised by its diversity, with a distinct personality that varies from region to region, combining the best of the Mediterranean diet with Hungarian, Viennese, Turkish, Greek and Italian influences.

If you travel to Croatia, be sure to try the traditional cuisine: aperitifs like the world-famous Zadar Maraschino; starters like Pag cheese, Kvarner shrimp, Slavonian ham and "kulenova seka" (spicy sausage) and Ston oysters and mussels; the delicious grilled fish, marinated anchovies and delicacies like the eels and frogs from the Neretva Valley; turkey with "mlinci" (a garnish made of flour, water and salt); "Pašticada", a typical meat stew from Split; and desserts like cream caramel, "Kotonjata" (puréed quince), "kroštule" (crunchy flour, egg and sugar pastries) and "fritule" (fritters).

And to turn mealtimes into a real travel experience, try the Croatian dishes you'll find at the numerous food and tasting festivals held throughout the year, follow the wine routes through the vineyards of Slavonia, Dalmatia and Central Croatia, savour the delicious white truffles from Istria, treat yourself to dinner at one of the country's Michelin-star restaurants.

Something old, something new...
Croatia is its cities

From the smallest town in the world to cities that date from antiquity, to modern centres brimming with life and a rich variety of cuisine and cultural options: Croatia's urban destinations offer an unparalleled insight into the country and its people.