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Live a unique experience on the island of eternal spring. Relax on the beaches, enjoy the outdoor activities, art, festivals, food... all surrounded by magnificent volcanic landscapes!

Slow travel

Lanzarote offers a different kind of winter (unique in Europe), with an average temperature of 21 degrees and warm waters that invite you to enjoy its beaches without the summer hustle and bustle.

If you want to get away from it all, the island is a sure bet at this time of year: a place with no traffic jams, no crowds and no one in a hurry. A place where you can enjoy a beer at a sunny pavement café or lie on a beach with the sound of the waves in the background and a good book in your hands. Let your body float in the sea, pamper your skin with the native aloe vera, enjoy a glass of the local volcanic wine or treat yourself to an experience at one of the exclusive spas. Lanzarote is like a relaxing massage on every level.


Get moving

Reconnect with your body through a wide range of sports and outdoor activities in settings that seem to belong to another world. Just put on some comfortable boots and follow any of the island trails. Adapted to every level, they all offer astonishing and captivating views of the volcanic landscapes that form the backdrop to idyllic beaches and picturesque villages. Whether you're alone, with friends, your partner or the whole family, the options are endless: from easy circular routes to do with the kids, to genuine challenges like the International Lanzarote Marathon, held every December. Alternatively, why not do a couple of these bike routes? Pedal your way around the island

Explore Lanzarote's underwater world by practising diving or snorkelling and discover why you've travelled to Europe's largest marine reserve. Water is the essence of the island: Lanzarote is water and the island's water is life. The life of six of the seven species of turtles that exist in the world, not to mention silver swarms of shrimps, up to 259 species of fish, forests of black coral and thirty species of cetaceans...

Tour the island by sea, either by taking boat trips or hiring a private boat, and discover hidden corners and new perspectives of Lanzarote, such as the foot of the cliffs and otherwise inaccessible coves...


Unique cuisine

Tasting the island's cuisine, made with ingredients from its unique traditional farming methods, is one of those experiences you have to live at least once in your lifetime. It's impossible to find another place on the planet that produces wines and legumes like those of Lanzarote because they are the result of wholly unique cultivation systems adapted to the island's specific natural characteristics. As the locals say, they are the fruits of a land of fire, water and wind.

You will never fully understand Lanzarote until you've eaten ribs with pineapple, a lentil broth, a stew or a "gofio" (toasted cornmeal) with onion, washed down of course with the D.O. Lanzarote "volcanic" wines.

To make eating on the island an unforgettable experience, book a table at one of the restaurants that follows the slow food philosophy, visit the wineries in La Geria and taste the wines while admiring views of the impressive vineyards, or try one of the more modern and innovative proposals that mixes local products with avant-garde cuisine.


A sustainable destination

Lanzarote is also the perfect destination for a sustainable holiday because it's spent the last fifty years promoting eco-friendly tourism. The work of Lanzarote-born César Manrique is one of the finest demonstrations of this long-held philosophy by the island, which first embraced the artist's sustainability project back in the 1960s, transforming the stunning natural landscape and charms into wonderful sustainable tourist attractions. To understand this philosophy, be sure to head to the Jameos del Agua caves where the artist created a haven of peace and beauty out of (and with full respect for) the natural assets.

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