Pregnant women and babies

Travelling while pregnant or with two babies. How old your baby should be to fly and how to take your buggy and baby food on board.

How can I travel with my baby?

If you need to take a pushchair when travelling with your baby or child, you have several options.

  • Keep the pushchair until you board the plane. If there is space on the flight, you can take it into the cabin. Otherwise, the flight crew will place it in the hold and give it back to you at the aircraft door on arrival. We can't guarantee this service at every airport in the Iberia Group network. Some destinations ban the use of pushchairs at the airport in accordance with local regulations. On these routes, you will have to pick up your pushchair in the baggage reclaim hall on arrival. And if you have a connecting flight, you will have to check in the pushchair to your final destination.

  • Check in the pushchair with all your other luggage free of charge. If you check it into the hold, you can pick it up with your other luggage in the baggage reclaim hall on arrival.

Iberia understands what travelling with a small child means and therefore assigns the same free baggage allowance as that of the accompanying adult, plus a folding pushchair or a car seat.
You can also take a bag with food, drink and any other essential items for the flight.

To make your baby's journey more comfortable, on intercontinental flights we provide a certain number of carrycots for babies up to 8 months old with a maximum weight of 11kg.
Cots and seats for accompanying adults cannot be booked online so you will need to contact our Booking offices. Depending on the cabin class in which you are travelling, there may an additional cost for advance seat selection.

Can I travel in one cabin and my child in another (Business / Economy)?

You can travel with a child on the same plane but in different cabins provided you bear in mind certain conditions:

The child must be over 5 years old. For air safety reasons, if the child is under 12 years old they will be treated as an unaccompanied minor (UM) and you will therefore have to book the Unaccompanied minor service. We will therefore accept responsibility for their transport but you will be responsible for their health, well-being and conduct. We recommend that you book this service well in advance because there is a limited number of seats available for UMs.

If the child is 12 or older, there is no special procedure. You can make an individual booking in the desired cabin.

Can I take my baby's food on board?

In accordance with the liquid restrictions for hand luggage, if you are travelling with a baby you can take enough juice or milk for the journey.

How soon after the birth can a newborn baby and mother travel with Iberia?

Iberia allows you to travel from any moment after giving birth but advises against travelling with your baby in the first 7 days. Remember, babies can suffer pain from changes in cabin pressure and require constant hydration.

Can I travel with two babies

In accordance with flight safety regulations, an adult travelling with two babies must take an approved car seat for one of the babies, which will be placed on the adjacent seat. The other baby will travel on the adult's lap with the additional belt supplied by the crew. The fare for the baby in the car seat will be the same as the fare for a child between ages 2 and 11.

Please check Minors,children and babies to see the limitations for an adult travelling with more than one child under the age of 5 or between ages 5 and 11.

Can I travel while pregnant?

Iberia allows you to travel while pregnant, although like all other airlines belonging to IATA (International Air Transport Association) we advise against flying if you are more than 28 weeks pregnant and up to 7 days after giving birth.

IATA advises against flying after the 36th week of pregnancy (32nd week in the case of a multiple pregnancy without complications). If you still need to fly, you must show a certificate from your doctor at the boarding gate.

You can find all the information you need under Travelling while pregnant.