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Checked baggage Any questions?

What does baggage allowance mean?

It is the maximum which can be carried free of charge, and it varies according to the class, origin and destination.

Everything exceeding the allowance for your flight will be considered excess baggage and a tariff will be levied.

Depending on your origin and destination and class, your baggage allowance may vary.

If your ticket indicates "Baggage Allowance: 0PC" (zero pieces) it means that your fare does not include free baggage transport in the hold.
"Baggage Allowance: 1PC" it means that your fare includes one free baggage transport in the hold.

Please remember too that if you are flying in connection with another airline, you should check the baggage allowance for this combination, as it may be different from the Iberia general allowance.

Each airline in the oneworld alliance will apply its own weight policy for passengers starting their journey with them.

If you require further information, you may consult Hold baggage allowance.

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How can I transport my sports equipment?

If you travel with sports equipment (bicycle, ski gear, surfboard, golf clubs, etc.), find out about carriage conditions at Special Equipment [Open in a new window]

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What items are considered hazardous?

For security reasons and depending on the nature of the objects, there are some items which may not be carried in hand luggage, on your person and some may not even be allowed for check-in as hold baggage.

Please remember that you must check the list of Hazardous Items [Open in a new window]before travelling.

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Are there restrictions on carrying food/drink on board or in the checked in luggage?

Most countries have restrictions on the types and quantity of liquid you may carry in your hand baggage through security at an airport. This includes gels, creams, pastes, and liquid foodstuffs such as jam and jelly. Solid foods are allowed on board but your destination may restrict the types of food allowed into the country.
Remember the regulations concerning liquids in the hand baggage.

With respect to the checked in luggage, food and beverage may be included provided it is well packed and in unbreakable containers to prevent any accident (bottles, perishable and fragile goods travel and other customer's responsibility). The airport staff may refuse to carry such goods if they consider that the article has not been correctly packed.

Animal products (meat, milk and products based on these) may carry pathogenic elements responsible for contagious diseases. There are strict controls and procedures for bringing such food into the European Union and other countries. Check with the appropriate customs department before travelling to make sure that the food you intend to bring in is allowed. For detailed information, click here

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Check your baggage from home: BoB

The new Travel carefree without your bag: we pick up your bag at your home and you forget about it until you arrive at the destination airport.

Discover Bag on Board

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Luggage check-in on flights with stopovers or connections

"Transfer Luggage" is defined as checked-in luggage which has to travel on two or more connecting flights and therefore must be transferred from one aircraft to another.
You can check in with your baggage for connecting different flights, provided that the locator or booking reference is the same.

In most cases, your baggage will be labeled to go directly to your final destination. The baggage tag receipt that we give you when dropping off your baggage always states your bag’s final destination.

When transferring, you only need to collect your baggage and check it in again for your connecting flight, if:

  • You have purchased two or more tickets under different locator or booking reference.
  • You transfer from a Iberia flight to a domestic flight (when country regulations require travelers to comply with customs and immigration procedures at their first point of entry,for example in the USA).
  • You arrive at one airport and your connecting flight departs from another airport.
  • Your connecting flights are not on the same day and the total transfer time exceeds 12 hours. 
  • Part of your journey is by bus or rail.

Passengers will be advised at the airport of origin regarding where they should collect their luggage.

How do I transit at T4 in Madrid airport?

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How many pieces/kilos of luggage can I check in?

To be able to take your luggage free of charge, you must ensure that you meet the following size and weight regulations:

- The sum of each piece of luggage must not exceed 158 cm/62 in including the strap, pocket and wheels.
- A maximum weight of 23 kg/50 lbs (you may check in between 23kg/50lbs and 32Kg/70.5 lbs with an overweight fee).

The number of pieces that you can take free of charge will depend on the destination and class in which you are flying.

Any article over the cost-free luggage allowance permitted at check-in will be considered excess baggage.

Both the price of the additional baggage and the excess weight cost (from 23 to 32 Kg) are fixed amounts for short, medium and long-haul flights.
Check the rates and the number of pieces that you can take free of charge on our Baggage calculator

You can purchase it prior and can take advantage up to 50% discount on airport charges:

  • Making a booking or afterwards at Manage your booking (a first additional suitcase).
  • During online check-in if you need to take more luggage.

You can also pay the charge for excess baggage directly with a credit card at the airport Ticket office.

Sometimes, arranging additional baggage online may not be possible:

  • Departing from some airports
  • Your trip (or part of it) is operated by another airline

In these cases, you will be able to buy extra baggage at the desk at the airport, at the airport fee.
Once you've added an extra bag you can't cancel it or get a refund.

If you are travelling with excess baggage, please arrive at the airport at least 20 minutes before the recommended time.

The option to pay the charge for excess baggage using your Avios is not currently available.

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If I'm travelling on a flight operated by Vueling, how many pieces/kilos of baggage can I check in?

If you are travelling by connecting an Iberia flight operated by Vueling with an Iberia or Iberia Regional flight, the Iberia baggage carriage conditions will apply throughout the whole of the journey to your destination, both in terms of baggage allowance and in terms of excess.

If you are travelling on an Iberia flight operated by Vueling and/or in transit between Iberia flights operated by Vueling, the free baggage allowance will be one piece of baggage weighing 25 kg.

When the weight of the piece is more than 25 kg, every kilo over will be subject to a surcharge, up to a maximum of 50 kg.

If you would like more information about the Iberia baggage allowance, please consult Baggage allowance in hold.

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Can I carry my work tools onboard?

Work tools such as hammers, drills, saws, circular saws, etc. can only be transported or carried as cargo.
To make your booking, for information on prices and the procedure to follow, please contact IAGCargo.

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Recommendations for your checked baggage

Here are a few suggestions on preparing your baggage and what to do if an incident occurs when you reach your destination.

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Can I bring flowers or plants onto the plane?

Plants, flowers, seeds and other products of plant origin form part of the perishable articles which are permitted on board as part of the baggage (in the cabin or in the hold) if they comply with our size/weight conditions and as long as these do not violate agricultural restrictions for the destination country.
The entry of these products is prohibited or strictly regulated, according to countries, due to the risk that they can be bearers of diseases or could be classified as protected species.
We advise you to contact the embassy of the country of destination.

As a member country of the European Union, Spain applies the Union Customs Code[Open in a new window] throughout the country

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What do I do about declared value luggage?

The presentation time for checking-in a piece of luggage on which you wish to make a special declaration of value will be the maximum possible so that all the paperwork necessary can be carried out.

Depending on the destination, a maximum valuation per kilogram of luggage will be set, but it may never exceed a sum set as the total maximum. Please check the limits in Declared value luggage.

A charge will be made on the value declared by the passenger. A ratio of 5 per 1000 will apply. An excess baggage ticket will be issued .

In the case of a journey in connection with other airlines, no luggage will be accepted with a declaration of value for transport on other airlines unless they have previously agreed to this.

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