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Best price guarantee

Online best price guarantee

Iberia.com undertakes, at the time you make your online purchase, to offer you the lowest available price on Iberia flights with travel origin Spain.

If you find a cheaper price than the ticket you have bought from www.iberia.com on any other Spanish website, Iberia will check it and if it is right will refund you the difference.

To use the minimum price guarantee, check the Terms and Conditions and complete our Form.

Guaranteed Minimum Price Claim

Enter the booking code below and remember that claims will not be handled for tickets not booked, purchased and issued today.

Terms and conditions

  • Only applicable to e-tickets bought on www.iberia.com’s Spanish page (not valid for tickets issued by other distribution channels), having selected the “cheapest fare” option, with an Iberia flight code with travel origin in Spain and starting at least 48 hours after having bought the ticket online at iberia.com.

  • The fare will have the same Origin/Destination, date, flight number, type and number of passengers and should be in economy class.

  • For Air Shuttle tickets, the date the tickets were issued will be used as the flight date.

  • The amount on which the minimum price is established is the published fares, including charges, handling fees and fuel taxes and paying with a debit card at www.iberia.com.  The amount should be expressed in euros (€).

  • The Minimum Price Guarantee only applies on tickets booked, purchase and issued on the same day and which have not undergone any type of modification.

  • Tickets with promotional or special discounts issued by either Iberia or other distributors and which are related to discounts for early payments, group rates, holiday fares, corporate rates, negotiated rates or involving the return of commissions, etc. are excluded.

  • The page where you found the fare that is cheaper than that of Iberia.com must be an agent that Iberia has authorised to issue tickets for its flights and must have its tax address in Spain.

  • Claims should be made using the Claim Form, available only at www.iberia.com, before midnight (11.59 p.m. Spanish mainland time) the day the purchase was made.

  • Only one claim per booking will be allowed and claims cannot be lodged by email, over the phone or via any means other than the online Claim Form.

  • To be eligible for the Minimum Price Guarantee you must attach a screenshot where you saw the cheaper fare in case Iberia.com requires it. These screenshots must be sent exclusively in a GIF or JPG format and should show that, at the time you checked, there were seats available for sale at the fare price found.

  • Where applicable, Iberia will refund the difference to the credit card you used to buy your ticket from Iberia.com within the next 48 hours, considering the standard time of the bank operation, which depends on the type of payment card and the banking entity. The resulting ticket shall be bound by the conditions of the new fare applied for the purposes of voluntary changes.

  • Iberia.com will not be held responsible for any fault, error or poor practice imputable to other webpages, in which case the Minimum Price Guarantee will not apply.

  • Iberia.com reserves the right not to offer you the “Minimum Price Guarantee” if you are unable to demonstrate and/or provide reliable documentary proof of the purpose of your claim. The Minimum Price Guarantee shall remain in place so long as it is published on the Iberia website.