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Vuelos interbaleares

Get this price with your resident discount

Fly between the Balearic Islands from just €9 per route and enjoy a high frequency of flights all week.

Our routes between the Balearic Islands

A wide range of frequencies: up to thirty daily flights operated by Iberia Regional Air Nostrum between the Balearic Islands. Every day of the week. And at an unbeatable price: from 9 euros applying your resident discount. In addition, you can make national and international connections.

Information about your airport in the Balearic Islands: we make it easy for you

Aeropuertos de Baleares



Palma de Mallorca

Check-in at counters 64 to 67.

Board through gates B33 and B34 (check possible changes at the airport).

Enjoy your time at the airport in the Valldemossa VIP Lounge.


Check-in at the counters from 11 to 14.

Board through gate 5.

Enjoy your time at the airport in the Cap des Falcó VIP Lounge.


Check-in at counters 23 and 24.

Board through gates 1A and 1B.

Enjoy your time at the airport in the Tramuntana VIP Lounge (temporarily closed by Covid).


Faster and more comfortable. At any of the Balearic Island airports you can request our hand luggage service at the foot of the aircraft: collect your hand luggage as soon as you get off the plane, without having to wait on the baggage belt.


Los precios indicados pueden variar ligeramente dependiendo de los porcentajes de descuento de residente aplicados sobre las tarifas.