Charter flights: special flights adapted to your needs

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Our experience at your service: tell us what you need and we'll design a made-to-measure flight for you.

Our experienced team will help you organise the charter flight that best suits your needs, offering you convenience, privacy and flexibility.

A completely personalised service adapted to your needs (dates, times, origin and destination, etc.), and at the best price.

If you have any questions about planning or arranging a charter flight, we'll be happy to help you.


Made-to-measure solutions: the most popular type of charter flights

Holiday charter flights

Tour operator and cruise operations

Tour operators arrange charter flights to reach more airports or airports closer to the final destination than a scheduled service allows.
They also charter flights to the airports closest to the sea ports from which they operate their cruises.

Private planes to sporting events

For teams and fans

Sports federations and clubs frequently plan these charter flights to take their teams and fans to major competitions. The entities we are working with include the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Spanish basketball, football and handball federations.

Private planes for other events

Business incentives, conferences, press trips

Charter flights for business incentives when you can't reach the destination via a direct flight or in cases where the number of guests exceeds the capacity of our scheduled flights.

We fly participants to all kinds of events: cinema, music, art, conferences for doctors, journalists, writers, etc.

Solidarity charter flights

Repatriation and medical cargo

We operated more than 30 charter flights with 20 countries across all five continents to enable 8,000 people to get back home during the Covid-19 crisis.

We also transported medical supplies through a special air corridor with China and hospital equipment with Brussels and Munich.

How to arrange a charter flight

Our charter flights in May and June


With the summer season now under way and special incentive flights on the increase, in May and, in particular, June, we will be stepping up our charter operations: 53 private flights in May and nearly 90 in June.

Special flights for companies

In May and June 2022 we will be operating around 20 special flights from Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and London to destinations like Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Brussels, Munich, Marrakech, Iceland, Split (Croatia) and New York, all chartered by companies for their incentive travel programmes.

Holiday charters

After launching a handful of operations at the beginning of the year, during the summer season we will be reinforcing our special holiday flights.

In May and June we will continue with our weekly charters to Egypt with the tour operator SamaTravel, alternating between Cairo and Luxor. These flights are scheduled for every Saturday until the end of the year and connect Madrid to Egypt at times to allow smooth connections from other destinations in Spain, such as Barcelona, A Coruña, Vigo, Asturias and Bilbao.

We are also maintaining the special flights to Trieste (Italy) that we launched last month for MSC, and with this same cruise line we are offering a weekly charter from Madrid to Hamburg every Saturday until mid-September.

In May we also began a series of special flights for Costa Cruceros between Madrid and Bari (Italy), which will operate until the end of the summer season.

Special sports flights

We will also be continuing our sports charters in May and June, taking a variety of sports clubs and federations to important international competitions in destinations like Jerez, Vigo, Seville, Málaga, Prague and Geneva.

For example, we have increased our regular scheduled operations to eight special flightsbetween Madrid and Paris to fly fans to the French capital for the Champions League final

Resuelve tus dudas sobre nuestros vuelos chárter y aviones privados

What are charter flights?

Charter flights are flights that are operated outside Iberia's scheduled programme and are sold outside the usual channels. They are usually arranged by a travel agency or another organisation with very specific travel needs that are not covered by the general offer, whether related to dates, routes, number of passengers or any other factor.

Why arrange a charter flight?

The main advantage of arranging a charter flight is that you can cover specific travel needs that you would not be able to meet with a scheduled flight: reaching destinations infrequently served by scheduled operations, saving the costs of overnight stays, and adjusting the times to your own schedule.

For what kinds of events can I hire a private plane?

You can hire an Iberia plane privately to cover any need. Tour operators, sports clubs and private companies are among the most frequent users of our charter flights. However, during the Covid-19 global crisis Iberia has organised charter flights to repatriate people and transport medical supplies.

How can I hire a private plane?

If you need to organise a charter flight, write to us and tell us what you need. Don’t forget to include:

  • Your own name or the business name of the organisation you represent

  • Your contact details: email and phone number

  • The route you need to cover (origin-destination)

  • The date you want to fly

  • The number of passengers

Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to hire a private plane for a charter flight?

The prices of our charter flights are as varied as the needs of our customers. The best thing you can do is get in touch with us to explain what you need so that we can give you an idea of the rates. Write to us at

What type of planes does Iberia use for its charter flights?

We operate our charter flights with different models in our extensive fleet of aircraft, with a seating capacity ranging from 141 to 348 seats depending on the aircraft model for short, medium and long-haul trips.

Consulta nuestra flota de aviones para tu vuelo chárter

Can I personalise a private plane for these charter flights?

You can personalise your charter flight from start to finish, offering your passengers the unique experience of flying on a private plane. Specifically, our personalisation package for charter flights includes:

  • Branded headrest covers

  • Customised "Welcome on board" messages

  • Unlimited free baggage allowance (subject to hold capacity)

  • Choice of catering

  • Optional connections on Iberia scheduled flights from other national origins to the origin of the charter flight

What are the punctuality rates for Iberia charters?

The punctuality rates of Iberia charter flights are in line with those of our scheduled flights, which for years have made us one of the world leaders in punctuality thanks to more than 95% of on-time landings. In fact, our charter flights exceed Iberia's average punctuality rate.

What happens if there's a malfunction on the plane scheduled for my flight?

If a malfunction is detected on a plane scheduled for a charter flight, Iberia pours all its resources into solving the problem to guarantee the operation: from the maintenance team to the reserve aircraft on standby in our hangar. This is one of the main advantages of arranging a private flight with a robust airline like Iberia.

What guarantee does an Iberia charter flight offer?

Passengers on charter flights are protected against delays and cancellations by EU Regulation 261.