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[lit.BAH_ lit.Reserva_tu _paquete]

Change your holiday package free of charge

Book your holiday package with the peace of mind of knowing that you can change it free of charge.

First change free: You can change the date, time and destination free of charge up to 15 days before departure. You will only pay the fare difference (if any). And if the new price is lower, we'll refund you the difference.

Flexibility for COVID disruption: If you need to change your holiday package for reasons related to COVID-19 less than 15 days before departure, you can change the departure date free of charge or get a redeemable voucher.

To change your package, just contact Iberia Vacaciones customer service.

Book now, pay later.


At Iberia we make it simple:take advantage of this special offer to book your Flights + Hotel or Flights + Car at the best price, paying only 99€ now and the rest in comfortable instalments.

Complete flexibility: you decide when and how much you want pay for each instalment. All we ask is that you pay the full amount three weeks before departure.

Siéntete seguro

Book your hotel through us with complete confidence

Iberia has its own team of holiday experts who have drawn up a set of healthy and safety recommendations for hotels based on the guidance from the WHO. We thought it would be useful to share them with our partners to increase the safety of customers and ensure a satisfactory experience.

We're going to tell you about some of these recommendations now, but we'll continue to update them as the situation evolves in line with the most common procedures followed in hotels.


Local and national measures

The local and national health authorities have issued guidance on preventing, managing and reducing the risks of COVID-19 infection. Iberia Vacaciones kindly reminds all partners of the importance of following an action plan in line with this guidance.

Cleaning and hygiene measures

The implementation of cleaning and hygiene measures is one of the basic points that we recommend insisting on. Although hotels already had very high standards of cleanliness, in line with the new recommendations hand sanitiser dispensers should be introduced in key places and common areas, rooms and frequent contact surfaces should be cleaned more often. The use of PPE by cleaning staff is recommended as well as the cleaning of rooms on demand and in the absence of guests.

Social distancing measures

Social distancing measures are being implemented in all hotels. In some cases, guests will find perspex screens in reception, while others have adapted their check-in service. Hotels are using apps to reconfigure facilities and seating plans in common areas like restaurants and cafes. Many hotels have opted to used outdoor spaces and put tables in gardens and on terraces and rooftops. Others have created takeaway food services so that guests can enjoy their meal in their room or on the beach…. Every establishment is looking for its own formula to offer a satisfactory experience while implementing the safety protocols.

Informative measures

We advise the use of safety signage reminding guests of the need for social distancing in common areas and the importance of safety practices such as frequent hand-washing.

Prevention measures on our flights

For more information about the protection and prevention measures on our flights, please visit our websiteTravel with confidence.


Информация о ценах

Все цены на отпуска указаны на одного человека в евро из расчета, что двое взрослых будут проживать в одном номере самой низкой категории, а также включают обратный перелет в экономическом классе компанией Iberia или кодшеринговыми рейсами Iberia из Мадрида.

Цены включают все налоги и сборы, подлежащие оплате на 20 апреля 2015 года, тем не менее они могут быть изменены, а количество мест крайне ограничено, поэтому просим проверить на сайте iberia.com последние цены и наличие. Некоторые способы оплаты сопряжены с дополнительными сборами. Все наземные службы обеспечиваются British Airways Holidays. Применимы стандартные условия Iberia. Возможность приобретения зависит от наличия.

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