9 national destinations of Renfe (Zaragoza, Valladolid, Seville, Córdoba, Málaga, Segovia, León, Palencia and Zamora) connected to our international flight network via Madrid (Atocha or Chamartín). Very soon, 5 more destinations: Toledo, Puertollano, Ciudad Real, Albacete and Cuenca.

Only one ticket: so much easier

You can purchase your single combined ticket in, Serviberia or at your travel agency. And at Online check-in you can print out your boarding passes from the day before and up to 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

These trains do not run to the airport, so you will have to use the Renfe local train service for the transfer to/from the station. This service is included in the combined ticket, so you won't have to purchase another one. You will have a minimum connection time of connection time of 2 hours for medium-haul flights and 2.5 hours for long-haul flights, except flights to the USA, which require a minimum connection time of 3 hours so you can make the transfer at your own convenience.

Likewise, your luggage on the train journeys and the train-airport-train connections will be under your care and responsibility. You will have the baggage exemption marked on your ticket.

Where can tickets be purchased?

At, Serviberia and travel agencies.

Is it one ticket or are there two?

One single ticket, with two "boarding passes", one for the plane journey and another for the train journey.

Where do you check in?

At Online check-in from the day before and up to 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

Who runs the train journey?

The train journey is run by the RENFE company.

What is new about this service?

It allows plane journeys to be connected with train journeys, broadening the current coverage of the Iberia destination network. You will be considered a connecting passenger, which includes the advantages and guarantees that correspond in the event of cancellations and/or delays.

Can I accumulate or redeem AVIOS for the train journeys?

The train journeys do not allow AVIOS to be accumulated or redeemed.

And can I accumulate points for the +Renfe loyalty program?

This option is not currently available for the train/plane intermodal product.

Is the connection between airplane and train made at the Madrid Airport?

The trains included in the intermodal product to/from your final destination leave/arrive from/to the train stations located in the city (Chamartín /Atocha), so the Renfe local train service is used for the transfer between the airport and train station. This journey is included in the intermodal ticket, so it does not have to be purchased separately. You will have a minimum connection time of 3 hours so you can make the transfer at your own convenience. If you do not want to use this option, there are various public transport options available, but not included in the intermodal ticket.

What is the price of the train ticket?

The train ticket to the destination is included in the price of the airline ticket. It is a single ticket from the origin to the final destination.

If I buy a Business class ticket, what class ticket will I have on the Renfe journey?

Business class in this product is combined with access to the Renfe Preferred Class.

Which special services can I request on the train?

Iberia does not offer special services for the train journeys, only for the airplane route. Only the service to attend to Passengers with Reduced Mobility is considered which, in any case, must be requested directly from Renfe.

Are there wheel chair access facilities on the train?

Yes, remember that if assistance is needed, you must request it from Renfe by calling 902 24 05 05 or going in person to any Customer Service Office. This service does not include the transfer between the train station and the airport (and vice versa), but the public transport systems that connect the train station and airport have these accesses.

In the airport this service is provided by AENA.

Passengers with reduced mobility

Are escort services for minors or group reservations available?

Minor Escort services and reservations for more than 9 passengers are not currently available for intermodal tickets. To contract the services mentioned above, you will have to contact the companies that operate the routes directly.

Can seats be reserved for the train journey?

Seats cannot be reserved, these are assigned automatically at check-in, from 24 to 1hour prior to flight departure.

In case of incidents or delays, who should I consult?

You should contact Iberia through Serviberia at 901 111 500.

In case of a change in the train schedule which does not allow me to connect with my flight, what should I do?

So that Iberia can manage your incident in the airport and provide you with the necessary assistance you must present written proof of the incident that will be provided to you in the train station by RENFE.

In case the train is delayed or the flight is cancelled, what should I do?

Iberia must provide you with a document that justifies the delay.

If I bring excess baggage, how can I process it?

You can process excess baggage for the flight at Beheer van reserveringen or at the airport, although the website is recommended because it is cheaper.

For the train journey, you must consult with Renfe to see if they accept excess luggage and under what conditions.

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