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Minors, children and infants

To fly as safely as possible, there are special regulations regarding children.


Children under 2

Children under 2 years of age who are not occupying their own seat pay between 30% and 10% of the fare of the accompanying adult. If your child does occupy a seat he/she will be treated as a child aged 2 to 11.

If your child occupies a seat on the aircraft, please bring with you an authorised car seat to place the child in, considering safety regulations.

Please bear in mind that if the child will turn two before the trip ends, your ticket should be purchased at the ‘Child’ fare for the whole of the flight.

*On Iberia flights operated by Lan Airlines, infants who travel in Business must pay the same fare as adults and will travel in an individual seat, with the safety regulations mentioned above applying in these cases.

Babies less than 8 months old

There are a certain number of cots for infants who weigh up to 11 kg on each Iberia aircraft on inter-continental flights.

These cots, like the seats for the adults who accompany the infant, do not have to be booked online.

Please book a cot through an Iberia Office in your country, where you can also get information about booking a seat for yourself in the designated cot area in advance. Depending on the cabin class, booking a seat will incur an additional cost. 

Check conditions

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Children from 2 to 11 years of age

The discount applied depends on the fare class in which you are flying.

Children over two and under 12 travelling on domestic flights are eligible for a discount depending on the fare chosen. Discounts do not apply to the most economical fares.

On international flights this percentage will vary depending on the destination and the fare applied. This discount is not applied to certain special offers.

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An adult travelling with more than one child under age 5

We are committed to offering infants, children and their families maximum safety and comfort during the flight.
Accordingly, one infant (under age 2), one infant and a child under age 5, or two children under age 5 are permitted per adult.

To travel with children between ages 5 and 12, the policy on groups of children applies.

Exceptionally, one adult may travel with two infants (under age 2) provided that they take a special seat for the infants.

In accordance with on-board safety regulations, an adult wishing to travel with two infants must take an approved car seat for one of the infants, placed in the seat next to the adult passenger.
The other infant will travel on the adult's lap, secured with the extra belt that the crew will provide, as per customary practice.

The fare for the infant in the car seat will be the same as the fare for a child between ages 2 and 11.

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Children travelling as a group on Iberia flights

Children between ages 5 and 11 travelling in a group must be accompanied by a person aged 18 or over acting as their chaperone. One adult per eight minors is required, i.e.

  • One accompanying adult for every 8 children between ages 5 and 11.
  • Two accompanying adults for every 16 children between ages 5 and 11.

Thereafter, one additional accompanying adult for every 8 children.

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Special cases

Baggage allowance for children with a child or infant ticket

Discount tickets for minors, i.e., children (aged 2 to 11) or infants (under 2 travelling with an adult) will have the same allowance as this adult and may also cover a foldable stroller or a car seat.

When you travel with a child and bring your own stroller, you have the option of keeping the stroller with you through to when you board the aircraft or checking it in along with the rest of your baggage. If you take it to the aircraft door, you will have to carry it in the cabin, space onboard allowing. If there is not enough space, the flight crew will remove the stroller, place it in the hold and return it to you at the aircraft door upon arrival.
This service is NOT guaranteed at every airport in the Iberia Group network. Certain destinations prohibit the use of passengers' own buggies in the airport. On these routes you will be able to pick up your buggy in the baggage reclaim hall on arrival, and if you are taking a connecting flight it will be checked through to your final destination.

If you check it into the hold, you will have to collect it along with the rest of your baggage on the corresponding belts in the arrivals lounge.

Purchase Shuttle Service (Puente Aéreo) tickets for minors

To buy tickets for the Shuttle, an ID card or passport must be presented as a means of identification. If the minor is accompanied by their parents, the parents' ID will be sufficient to link them to the child's ticket.

Benodigde documenten voor minderjarigen

Alle passagiers ouder dan 14 jaar moeten een ID-kaart of paspoort bij zich dragen.

Op nationale vluchten zijn personen jonger dan 14 jaar hiertoe niet verplicht, maar als zij dit bij zich hebben, worden ze eenvoudiger geïdentificeerd.

Op de internationale vluchten (Europese en derde landen) moeten, daar er geen standaardnorm bestaat, alle minderjarige personen begeleid of niet, onafhankelijk van de leeftijd, hun eigen ID-kaart of paspoort bij zich dragen (met door de politie uitgegeven machtiging als ze alleen reizen), naast dat voldoen moet worden aan de vereisten van het land van bestemming.

Als je meer informatie wenst, bekijk benodigde documenten voor minderjarigen.

And remember

  • There is a special regulation for minors.
  • Cots for babies on inter-continental flights.
  • Adapted fares.
  • If you are flying with two minors, don't forget to bring and authorised car seat..
  • Find out about the documentation required to travel with minors.

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