Your Iberia Plus Plata Card

Iberia Plus Plata Card
Jij bent onze hoogste prioriteit

Voeg nieuwe exclusieve voordelen toe aan die van je Classic-kaart:*

  • Spaar 6 Avios voor elke euro aan netto uitgaven voor je reizen (exclusief belastingen of toeslagen).

  • Bespaar tijd bij het inchecken.

  • Vergeet de wachtlijsten bij je reserveringen.

  • Verhoog je vrijgestelde bagage.

  • Klantenservice Plata.

  • Geniet van de exclusieve voordelen bij partners.

To get or keep this card you only need

1,100 Elite Points or 25 routes flown

*between April 1 one year and March 31 the following year

Terms and conditions

Take 25 flights according to the following terms and conditions:

  • Flights with an IB code operated by the Iberia Group (Iberia, Iberia Express, Air Nostrum), Vueling, airlines in the oneworld alliance or any partner airline in the Iberia Plus programme.

  • Flights operated by the Iberia Group: with code IB, VY, other airlines in the oneworld alliance or partner airlines in the Iberia Plus programme..

  • Flights with a VY code operated by Vueling (basic fare only counts on flights made as of June 18, 2018)

  • Flights operated and sold by British Airways.

Of these 25 flights, at least one must be with an IB code (operated by Iberia or another partner in the Iberia Plus programme) and have a fare that qualifies for Elite Points.

Je spaart 6 Avios voor elke euro aan netto uitgaven voor je reizen

Tijdens de geldigheidsperiode van je Plata-kaart spaar je met Iberia Plus 6 Avios voor elke euro aan netto uitgaven voor je reizen (exclusief belastingen of toeslagen).

You come first in Iberia Plus Plata

When you reserve your tickets in Grupo Iberia airlines (Iberia, Iberia Express and Iberia Regional\Air Nostrum) or in the oneworld alliance or at check-in.

You can check your baggage at the Business counters

Your Iberia Plus card allows you to check your baggage at any of the exclusively Business counters, regardless of the class you have booked.

Valid for flights operated and marketed by a oneworld member airline (marketed means the flight number of the oneworld member airline should appear on the ticket).

More baggage allowance

As an Iberia Plus Plata member you can check in one 32 kg item of luggage for free on tickets where the allowance does not include any item, or only one item, for all Iberia Group routes (Iberia, Iberia Regional Air Nostrum and Iberia Express). You can also benefit from excess weight of up to 32 kg on the bags included in your ticket allowance. This excess weight does not apply to any other bags you add.

In addition, all sports equipment and musical instruments are included in your baggage allowance for all flights operated by the Iberia Group at no additional cost, provided that you do not exceed the allowance.

Check your baggage allowance

Embarque prioritario

On all flights operated by the Iberia Group you'll be the first to board. As an Iberia Plus Plata member, you're in Priority Boarding Group 2, an exclusive benefit on top of all the others you enjoy that entitles you to jump the queue at the boarding gate.

You are prioritised on waiting lists at the airport

With Iberia Plus Plata you go first. Show your card to our staff when you check in or buy or book your ticket and we will prioritise you on the waiting list for your flight.

You can benefit from the advantages of oneworld Ruby

As an Iberia Plus customer, you earn Avios according to your card status each time you fly with the oneworld alliance. You are also entitled to the following advantages of oneworld when you are the holder of a Plata card:

  • Preferential check-in at Business counters.

  • Preference for choosing your seat (where available).

  • Priority wait-listed at the airport.

Go to the oneworld page

You keep your Iberia Plus level while on maternity leave for another year

If you are pregnant, have recently given birth or are in the process of adopting a child, you won't lose your Iberia Plus level even though you take fewer flights during the year.

To extend the validity of your card for an additional period of time, all you need to do is prove that you are on maternity or paternity leave by sending a copy of your medical report or maternity/paternity leave certificate through our form. Once we have verified your document, we will send you an email confirming the renewal of your card level.

The application period is from the date of the medical report confirming your pregnancy until twelve (12) months after the birth of your child, the court ruling in cases of adoption or guardianship, or the date of the administrative or court decision in cases of fostering.

In the case of the other parent, to request the renewal of the Iberia Plus card level, at least 8 weeks of the maternity/paternity leave must have been taken during the validity of the card. The card validity will not be extended until the entire leave has been taken.

This benefit is not valid to renew the card for two consecutive periods, even if the leave period spans two different Iberia Plus years.

This benefit does not apply to cards obtained through criteria other than the programme's standard criteria based on the flights or Elite Points collected.

(*) None of these benefits apply to operated by Iberia for LEVEL flights.

How can I get a Oro Card?

You just need to accrue

2,250 Elite Points or fly 50 routes*

between April 1 one year and March 31 the following year.

* See terms and conditions at Iberia Plus Oro Card

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